The BEST homemade German Chocolate Cake with layers of coconut pecan frosting and chocolate frosting. This cake is incredible!
A double layer German Chocolate Cake with coconut pecan frosting, with a slice taken out of it.
I think the hundreds of reviews of this recipe speak for themselves, but let me add my own testament that this German Chocolate Cake is THE CAKE that every person in my family requested for their birthday growing up. I was super lucky, being a twin, because my mom would make both of our favorites: German chocolate cake for my sister, and carrot cake for me!

What is German Chocolate Cake?

The name German chocolate cake is a little deceiving as it is not actually a German dessert and traditionally the cake is a lighter colored cake with a mild chocolate taste and the entire cake is usually covered in coconut pecan frosting.  My family’s version is this chocolate cake with chocolate frosting covering the cake and coconut frosting on top and in the center of the cake. This cake seriously can’t be beat, especially if you’re a chocolate lover!

How to Make German Chocolate Cake:

1. Make the chocolate cake: Combine dry ingredients (sugar, flour, cocoa, baking powder, baking soda and salt). Combine wet ingredients (eggs, buttermilk, oil and vanilla). Mix together and stir in boiling water.

2. Bake at 375°F: Pour batter into prepared 8 or 9-inch round baking pans. I like to cut a round piece of wax or parchment paper for the bottom of the pan also, to make sure the cake comes out easily.

3. Make the German Chocolate Frosting: Combine brown sugar, granulated sugar, butter, egg yolks, and evaporated milk in a saucepan and bring the mixture to a low boil over medium heat. Stir constantly until the mixture thickens.  Remove from heat and stir in vanilla, nuts and coconut. Allow to cool completely before layering it on the cake.

Four process photos for making German Chocolate Frosting, in a saucepan.

4. Make chocolate frosting:  Melt butter, stir in cocoa powder, slowly add powdered sugar and milk, beating to spreading consistency. Add small amount additional milk, if needed to thin the frosting, or a little extra powder, until you reach your desired consistency. Stir in vanilla.

5. Assemble: Place one of the cake rounds on your serving stand or plate.  Smooth a thin layer of chocolate frosting over the cake layer, and then spoon half of the coconut frosting on top, spreading it into a smooth layer. Leave about ½ inch between the filling and edge of cake.  Stack the second cake round on top. Smooth chocolate frosting over the entire cake.  Spoon remaining coconut frosting on top of the cake.

Two process photos of a round chocolate cake with german chocolate frosting being spread on top.

Pro Tips:

Use room temperature ingredients. Run hot water over the eggs to bring them to room temperature. Stick the buttermilk in the microwave for just a few seconds. It really makes a difference!

Decorating cake is easy! I used a wilton 2D tip for the swirls on top of this cake, but I also love the Wilton 1M tip. I use both tips with an Ateco flex 14” reusable piping bag. Those three items right there are my favorites for cake and cupcake decorating.

A full frosted and decorated German Chocolate served on a white cake stand.

Make Ahead and Freezing Instructions:

To Make Ahead: Both frostings (coconut and chocolate) can be made ahead and placed in a covered container in the fridge. The coconut frosting will keep for 1-2 weeks, depending on the freshness of the ingredients used. The chocolate frosting will keep for 2-3 weeks. Remove frostings from the fridge an hour before you’re ready to frost the cake, to give them time to come to room temperature.

To Freeze: After baking the cake layers, allow them to cool completely, then wrap them well in plastic wrap and stick each layer in a ziplock freezer bag. Freeze for up to three months. Frost the cakes when they are frozen–they are much easier to frost this way! The assembled German Chocolate Cake can also be frozen, covered well, for 2-3 months (I recommend slicing the cake and wrapping each slice really well in plastic wrap, then placing in a freezer-safe container, for best results). Allow to come to room temperature before serving.

A slice of German Chocolate Cake served on a plate, with two layers of chocolate cake, and German chocolate frosting.

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A double layer German Chocolate Cake with coconut pecan frosting, with a slice taken out of it.
Prep 30 minutes
Cook 45 minutes
Total 1 hour 15 minutes
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For the Chocolate Cake:

For the Coconut Frosting:

For the Chocolate Frosting:


  • Heat oven to 375°F. Grease two 8 or 9-inch round baking pans. I like to cut a round piece of wax or parchment paper for the bottom of the pan also, to make sure the cake comes out easily.

For the Cake:

  • Stir together sugar, flour, cocoa, baking powder, baking soda and salt in large bowl. In a separate bowl combine the eggs, buttermilk, oil and vanilla and mix well. Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and mix to combine. Stir in boiling water (batter will be very thin). Pour batter into prepared pans.
  • Bake for 25 - 35 minutes (depending on your cake pan size. The 9'' pan takes less time to bake) or until a toothpick inserted in center comes out clean or with few crumbs. Cool 5 minutes in the pan and then invert onto wire racks to cool completely.

For the German Chocolate Frosting:

  • In a medium saucepan add brown sugar, granulated sugar, butter, egg yolks, and evaporated milk. Stir to combine and bring the mixture to a low boil over medium heat. Stir constantly for several minutes until the mixture begins to thicken. 
  • Remove from heat and stir in vanilla, nuts and coconut. Allow to cool completely before layering it on the cake.

For the Chocolate Buttercream Frosting:

  • Melt butter. Stir in cocoa powder. Alternately add powdered sugar and milk, beating to spreading consistency. Add small amount additional milk, if needed to thin the frosting, or a little extra powder, until you reach your desired consistency. Stir in vanilla.

Cake Assembly:

  • Place one of the cake rounds on your serving stand or plate. 
  • Smooth a thin layer of chocolate frosting over the cake layer, and then spoon half of the coconut frosting on top, spreading it into a smooth layer. Leave about ½ inch between the filling and edge of cake. 
  • Stack the second cake round on top. Smooth chocolate frosting over the entire cake.
  • Spoon remaining coconut frosting on top of the cake. 


*If baking at high altitude add 3 tablespoons extra flour.
Make Ahead Instructions: Both frostings (coconut and chocolate) can be made ahead and placed in a covered container in the fridge. The coconut frosting will keep for 1-2 weeks, depending on the freshness of the ingredients used. The chocolate frosting will keep for 2-3 weeks. Remove frostings from the fridge an hour before you're ready to frost the cake, to give them time to come to room temperature.
Freezing Instructions: After baking the cake layers, allow them to cool completely, then wrap them well in plastic wrap and stick each layer in a ziplock freezer bag. Freeze for up to three months. Frost the cakes when they are frozen--they are much easier to frost this way! The assembled German Chocolate Cake can also be frozen, covered well, for 2-3 months (I recommend slicing the cake and wrapping each slice really well in plastic wrap, then placing in a freezer-safe container, for best results). Allow to come to room temperature before serving.


Calories: 591kcalCarbohydrates: 77gProtein: 5gFat: 31gSaturated Fat: 12gCholesterol: 100mgSodium: 440mgPotassium: 313mgFiber: 3gSugar: 69gVitamin A: 535IUVitamin C: 0.4mgCalcium: 118mgIron: 1.9mg

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I originally shared this recipe May 2017. Updated February 2021.

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Recipe Rating


  1. 5 stars
    Made this German chocolate cake for my husband’s birthday 🎂 we loved it so moist a delicious 😋
    I wish I could have taken a photo it looked like bakery bought.
    Thank you for this delicious recipe easy to follow too!!

  2. Glad I’m not alone on sharing my epic fail with this cake. I followed the recipe perfectly and the cakes baked over the pan, resulting in a whole mess in my oven! Then they collapsed right in the center! It was a mess. Not sure what I did wrong but dang, this didn’t work for me at all.

  3. 5 stars
    Second time making this. Excellent both times. Anyone talking about thin batter obviously haven’t made Ina Garden’s chocolate cake. It’s perfection every time. I use coffee instead of water to enhance the chocolate taste. Perfect amount of icing and filling. I make a three layer 8” cake. You can only fill 3/4 full or the pans will overflow.

    Thin cakes – check baking powder
    Concave cakes – not fully cooked?

  4. 3 stars
    The cake tasted phenomenal but the cake layers were very thin and they fell in the center. I took it to a birthday party and people raved over it. I just wish I knew how to make the cake layers rise more.

  5. I’ve made it twice now! Did it for my husband still thinking I didn’t even like German chocolate cake. I’m hooked! Great recipe!

  6. 4 stars
    I think this recipe is AMAZING! I bake out of my home too and I was looking for a German Chocolate recipe. This one hit the spot. I will say I felt like 1 cup of boiling was a lot and it was a really running. So I cut it down to 1/2 cup and my cake came out perfect. I would post a picture if I can but I can’t seem to figure that out.
    Great recipe

  7. 5 stars
    This turned out amazing!! Very moist and flavorful. Was pretty easy to make! only downside is I now im requested to make this for every family get together haha

  8. 4 stars
    I had to guess as to the actual amount of flour for the batter, not sure if it was labeled both as by cups and by weight. It reads 2 1.5 – my cake layers were very flat -like two thick pancakes….I went with 2.5 cups. ☹️
    I’d tell you how it tasted, but it was a gift for a family memorial service…
    I improvised and just used the coconut topping…

    1. 4 stars
      I tried the cake recipe it was way too runny when I baked it, it fell and deflated like a tire and crumbled apart when cooled taking it out of the pan. I use parchment paper and greased pans so no sticking.
      I redid the cake recipe like how I make mine and added less water like a 1/3 cup and added extra 1/4 cup flour also added instant coffee to the water (it makes the chocolate flavor more rich) and it came out perfect and moist, didn’t fall apart i just wanted to try this recipe to see if it was better. Everything else with this recipe is delicious and great. I was making this for my dad’s birthday

  9. Full disclosure: I’ve been making this cake for a few years – when I found out it was my partner’s favorite dessert, and have been making it ever since. He knows his GCC and actually said mine (Lauren’s) was better than a passed down, favorite family recipe! It’s easy to follow, make and actually fun to decorate when frosting. Belated thank you Lauren

  10. 5 stars
    I made this cake for a friends birthday. I’m not normally a German chocolate cake kind of girl.. but I am now! It was so delicious! Everything tasted great, cake, filling and frosting! Would highly recommend!

  11. 1 star
    1 minute before the cake was supposed to be ready I heard a pop and I went to check on the cake and saw that it had exploded in my oven. I don’t understand how there are so many positive reviews, the batter was so runny from the boiling water, and even 1 minute prior to being finished the cake was still extremely runny, gooey, undercooked. I followed the directions to a tee, I’m so disappointed as I had high hopes for this recipe.

    1. 2 stars
      I’ve baked 63 yrs now, professionally and at home. Followed recipe to a T and it was very runny with suggested baking time. Had to bake much longer. My oven is correctly calibrated. Not a fan of this recipe.

  12. 5 stars
    This recipe makes an amazing cake. I made this for my husband’s birthday and helped it. I did make a mistake when I bought the cocoa powder and accidentally picked up “special dark” variety. I proceeded anyway and it made a wonder cake. Husband said make it exactly like this next time. Suggest watching the video on this page before beginning. Will use this recipe over and over for a special treat.

  13. My boyfriend requested German Chocolate cake for his birthday. I love baking and am always up for a challenge. This recipe looks amazing! My question is, have you done this as a three layer? Wondering if it would be too heavy?

    1. my mom makes this as a 3 layer with the middle layer being cheesecake. It’s amazing. She also puts in a layer of chocolate mousse above and below the cheesecake

  14. 5 stars
    Hi, I just recently made this cake on June 15th for Fathers Day. Like you with your twin I was torn between the two, German Chocolate or Carrot Cake. I went with German after finding this recipe and Omg, thank the God I did.
    Your recipe should be in everyone’s recipe box. I will never ever make any other German chocolate recipe again. This was the most moist, chocolatey cake I’ve ever experienced made from my own hands. It should be called better than Sex and Death By Chocolate lol
    You have a fantastic recipe here and if anyone tells you differently they just don’t know how to cook!

  15. 5 stars
    This recipe is perfection! I followed the directions to a “T” and I am so proud of the way it turned out. Wish I could post a picture! For those that have complained it didn’t get done or whatnot, check your oven calibration. I recently discovered my newish (2 yrs) oven is off by 25-50 F degrees. That can sure wreck a cake or bread.
    Thank you so much for sharing this recipe with us!

  16. 5 stars
    I just made this cake and it’s AMAZING! I’m picky about GC cake. I don’t keep baker’s chocolate so I like recipes with cocoa and this one is my new fave!! Try it – you’ll love it!

  17. I will be making this cake for an anniversary and birthday celebration. I want to make a two layered half sheet cake. Please recommend the best approach.

    Thanks, Kat

  18. 5 stars
    Amazing!! I followed the recipe exactly, including 3 extra TBS of flour since we’re at 4,100 ft. It was so good, we had it for dinner tonight 🙂

  19. 5 stars
    It’s the best recipe for German Chocolate cake I have seen anywhere , and not difficult to make.
    This is my holiday cake choice since I discovered it.

  20. This is more about the frosting that goes on top and between the layers. A friend has requested a German Chocolate Cake be made for her husband, but she’s allergic to coconut. To keep consistency, should I substitute more pecans into it? I’m sure she’s prepared to keep her distance, but I want her to be able to enjoy some of the cake, too!

  21. the coconut frosting is a little too thin, how can I thicken it? thank you…I made this for a party that I am attending tonight

  22. 5 stars
    So good! I live higher altitude (UT) and added the extra flour. It was done at the 25 minutes.. maybe could’ve done a bit less. Both centers on my cakes caved in a bit, but once frosted it wasn’t noticeable and didn’t affect taste or texture.

  23. 5 stars
    Make this cake! I usually don’t leave reviews and I usually do not care for German chocolate cake… at all! But my husband requested it for his birthday so I looked up recipes and went with this one because of the high ratings… AND IT IS AMAZING. The coconut filling tastes SO good – like a yummy caramel. Not like the overly sugary, too sweet filling that you find in other cakes like this and in the canned filling. The cake and frosting are delicious as well. Such a good idea to layer chocolate frosting with the coconut filling.
    I wasn’t planning on eating the cake but after sampling the filling, I ate a big piece and loved every bite! Haha And that is really saying something!
    Thank you for such a stellar recipe. You have changed this girl from a non-german chocolate cake lover!

  24. Question: can I use sour milk instead of buttermilk in the cake? No buttermilk around for miles! Thanks

    1. Linda you can make buttermilk by adding a tablespoon to a cup of milk and it gives it the sour flavor. BUT I also live 30 minutes from the nearest grocery store, so I ALWAYS keep powdered dry buttermilk on hand. Wal Mart carries it. Stores in the fridge after you open it. SO perfect to add to all kinds of recipes! It’s in the baking section by the dry milk. Hope that helps you!

    2. You can make buttermilk. However many cups of milk = to the amount of lemon juice tablespoons (3 cups milk = 3 tablespoons lemon juice)

  25. 5 stars
    My husband requested this cake for his birthday. It was delicious! And quite easy to make. I had a little leftover caramel sauce but just the right amount of chocolate frosting. The cake was so super moist. I’ll probably use this recipe for chocolate cakes from now on, even without the German part! I can’t wait to try more of your recipes.

  26. 5 stars
    My family are pie lovers. I tried this recipe for the first time after using box mixes. NO comparison. My cake was gone within the day. I used a Pinterest peanut butter frosting and you thought they died and went to heaven. Thank you! I’m excited to look at your other recipes!

  27. 5 stars
    I made this cake to farewell my friends as they PCS’ed to their next duty station, and it was DELICIOUS. I used dutched dark cocoa- it was moist, the perfect amount of sweet, and the exact right ratio of frosting to cake. Absolutely faaaabulous. Thank you!!

  28. 5 stars
    The traditional birthday cake in my husband’s family for the past 40+ years has been a German Chocolate Cake. My husband still requests it every year. I’ve always used my mother-in-law’s trusty recipe, but two years ago I couldn’t find her recipe (not sure where it disappeared to) and she wasn’t home to send me a copy in time. I found your recipe online and decided to try it. All I can say is that this year, my mother-in-law called me for this recipe :). Best German Chocolate Cake EVER!

  29. Hello, I’ve read through many comments but haven’t seen an answer to a question I have. I only have 1 8inch pan (24cm) and don’t have easy access to get another one. I do also have a 28cm pan but obviously it doesn’t match. Is it better to make half the recipe twice or can I store the batter in the fridge while one bakes and cools in the 8inch? Any help would be appreciated!

    1. I would store the batter in the fridge while one bakes. After the first cake is removed, rinse the cake pan in cold water to cool it off before adding the batter.

  30. 2 stars
    This is my second batch and still can’t get the cakes to a good texture that can hold frosting. First batch broke off getting them out of the 9” pans. Second let it cool down completely and got them out but they were flat and gooey, not sure what I’m doing wrong! When I started to try to frost them, they just crumbled. Too wet, they actually feel dense and too moist. Not bothering with this recipe again. Total failure, so disappointed

    1. I had the same experience as Carol…..the cakes came out too flat and too wet…..can’t really use them. I’m going to try a different recipe 😣

    2. Had the same problem. Wanted to surprise someone with this cake today for their birthday. After 2 attempts to make the cake only to have the same sunken mess I give up.

  31. 5 stars
    Thank you! Everyone was so impressed with me for making this 😀

    I was impressed with how moist it was and how much of the coconut filling I ate before the cakes were even finished baking, oops!

  32. I made this cake, it was very moist. Everyone loved it. Thank you for the recipe. When I make another German Chocolate Cake I will use this recipe.

  33. I just made this the second time and the middle deflated within the first ten-fifteen minutes. I followed the recipe exactly and have no idea what went wrong. Anybody have some tips? It also tastes weird.

  34. 4 stars
    I have no clue what happened. Both of my cakes deflated, middle sunk. I followed exactly as written and I’m definitely not a beginner. Hmmm.

    1. A common mistake with cakes like this is to bake til finished and take it right out of the oven. Instead you should bake until mostly done and turn off the oven and crack the door. Let the cake cool slowly. Might also help to use a water bath like you do with cheesecake, but I am not sure it’s necessary.

    2. 1 star
      Yes the same thing happened to me. Left the cake in there the whole time and still deflated in the center. Too much water maybe?

  35. 5 stars
    Delicious! It was perfect! I used a different recipe for the chocolate buttercream. The cake layers are incredibly soft but not super crumbly/dry

  36. 5 stars
    WOW this chocolate buttercream frosting is INCREDIBLE. Perfect consistency and texture for decorating.
    This is an easy but wonderful recipe for beginners.

  37. The key to the icing is boil is for 10 minutes and it will thicken. Patience is required. I use more brown sugar than white! It will turn out great!

  38. 5 stars
    Absolutely delicious. I made this cake for a friend (birthday) he hasn’t had it since his momma made it years ago, she’s passed on now and this is his favorite cake,so I made it and I swear I saw tears in his eyes,he loved it and that’s all he talks about. Thank you.

  39. This turned out fantastic! I’m at high altitude, so it took a little longer to bake, but this turned out great. The cake was delicious and easy to put together, the coconut frosting was really good, and the chocolate frosting was the best I’d ever used. It piped great, spread great, etc,…10/10 recommend. Thanks!

  40. 5 stars
    Really good ! made it 3 ( 4 tomorrow ) times and it’s a really good fluffy cake and extra good with vanilla ice cream. Raises well if you do it correctly and isn’t dry . Frostings are very good together with the cake and the coconut frosting is very good .

  41. 5 stars
    What a lovely recipe! The chocolate frosting was one of the best I’ve had, and the coconut frosting was so good – it tasted way less surgary than the store-bought kind, there is really no comparison and it was well worth the effort. The cake was really good as well – it was more subtle and less stand out than the frosting, but that made it a great pair. I had no issues baking or frosting it either! I thought everything was easy to follow and well-proportioned.

  42. 5 stars
    Have made this cake for my son’s birthday the past two years. Amazing flavor, and so easy to make! Always gets rave reviews!

  43. 5 stars
    This was a great recipe. I was my first time ever making a German chocolate cake and it turned out fabulous! Thank you so much

  44. 5 stars
    10/10! Made this a few times and everytime it’s so good! Stays moist and is the perfect balance! This is the only German chocolate cake recipe I will ever use!

  45. 5 stars
    I followed the instructions, and the cake is fabulous! Oh, I guess I didn’t have evaporated milk, so I used half and half. But other than that, I didn’t change anything and I will make this recipe again!

    1. I messed up somewhere the cakes are thin and crumbling I followed the instructions I don’t know what happened its taste good and the frosting is amazing

  46. 5 stars
    Very excellent cake! Made for Easter and we all enjoyed it. I am no master baker, but the recipe was easy to follow. Will definitely make it again.

  47. 5 stars
    I had never made a German chocolate cake from scratch before today. I followed the instructions exactly as given, and the cake turned out beautifully! I made it for a special friend, and other than both of us thinking it was a bit salty, we enjoyed every delicious bite of it.

    The buttercream frosting recipe was awesome! If I want to make vanilla buttercream, do I substitute more powdered sugar for the cocoa powder?

    As TucsonMom commented on, I just learned you have a cookbook, but I cannot get it in hardback from Amazon. I will find it, as I don’t want to use Kindle in the kitchen. 🙂

    Thank you for giving me the courage to try this recipe. I will be trying more recipes of yours.

    1. Hi! I’m wondering the same thing on the buttercream. did you figure it out? if so, please let me know. thanks!

  48. 5 stars
    This recipe was delicious as so many of your recipes are. Do you have a classic strawberry cake you can share? Your recipes, tips and knowledge are greatly appreciated. I just learned you have a cook book and will be purchasing it from Amazon!

    1. Thank you so much! I haven’t created a strawberry cake recipe, but it is one I’d like to share in the future!

  49. Very confused….this is the Hershey chocolate cake and frosting recipe. It is on the back of the Hershey cocoa powder container. This isn’t a family recipe lol. It is a great recipe, but it’s not yours. You need to give credit where credit is due.

    Also, traditional German chocolate cake does not use cocoa powder….

      1. I did not, I apologize. I only read this post. Thank you for your gracious response.

        Hersheys chocolate cake really is the best though!

      2. 5 stars
        Delicious cake. The fam loved it!
        How long will this German chocolate cake (assembled & frosted) last in the refrigerator before going bar?

        1. I would enjoy it within a week, or else wrap the slices in plastic wrap, add them to a freezer bag and freeze!

      3. Oh Lauren, your response to Rochelle was so kind considering – Hope for humanity. This is the best German Chocolate Cake recipe. Thank you for sharing with the rest of us.

    1. Actually you may have overlooked it in the intro but she mentions that exact difference ( ie. traditionally being a lighter cake, minus the coco) and states it’s “her family’s version” of the german chocolate cake. Also in earlier reviews she responded to she explained its the original hersheys cake base, but I think the multitude of additional steps and ingredients qualify it as ‘not a rip off.’ Just my opinion. I’m very grateful she shared her family’s recipe free of charge, it’s won me rave reviews each time I make it. Whichever of her relatives dreamed up this particular combination was indeed inspired.

  50. Was always taught to lightly brown the coconut and pecans in the butter and then add to the other ingredients for the coconut frosting.

  51. 5 stars
    I followed the recipe to the letter, and it did not disappoint! This is the most flavorful and moist cake ever. My boys loved it – this is my “go to” from now on!!

  52. I followed the recipe to the letter. Super good and so moist. I made it for my wife for her Birthday and I got major brownie points! Thank you for a great recipe!!!

  53. Great recipe! The only change I made was removing the vanilla from the cake batter. It was good with it, but without the vanilla, the chocolate flavor stood out more. Either way, excellent recipe.

  54. Easiest cake I have ever made I used coffee in my frosting that was the only addition I made.
    Delicious, thank you for a SUPERB RECIPE to add to my repertoire. i Need to work on the chocolate flowers…

  55. 5 stars
    I absolutely love this recipe! I’ve made it 5-10 times in the last couple of months! The only thing I run into is there’s not enough buttercream to make it look like the pic. I have to double it. But it is soooo good!

  56. 5 stars
    This cake was INCREDIBLE! I used boiling coffee for the needed 1 boiling cup of water. I unfortunately made this with significant time limits. Definitely cool the cake fully or presentation is compromised. No one cared because the taste was OUTSTANDING! I’ll never go back to boxed German Chocolate Cake!

  57. The cake fell through the middle now saying it’s a bad recipe would love to have some tips on what I did wrong so I can try again 🙁

    1. I made it 3 times in a row thinking maybe I missed something. Mine sunk in the middle each time. I’m still not sure what went wrong.

      1. I think you might be underbaking your cake – try sticking a toothpick in the center and waiting until it comes out mostly clean, and not wet. Wishing you the best of luck!

    2. I am wondering if the cake was underbaked – did you test it with a toothpick before taking it out of the oven? Benjamin the baker on youtube has a good video on when to tell if a chocolate cake is done! I’m not sure if Lauren has a post/video like that on her page, otherwise I would have recommended that instead.

  58. 5 stars
    It is the BEST German Chocolate cake recipe ever. I have made it twice. Will make it again this week for another family birthday. It is AMAZING!!!!

  59. I’ve made this cake before and it was absolutely amazing. I’m wondering if you’ve ever made as cupcakes? If so, any idea for cooking time? Thank you!

  60. Thanks for sharing…this recipe is AMAZING! I did the recipe 1 1/2 times for the cake and made a triple layer round and…twice the choc frosting and 1 times the coconut and it came out perfect!

  61. I’m making this today for my brother. Can it be baked in a 13×9 inch pan? How long should I bake it?

  62. 5 stars
    German Chocolate is my husband’s favorite and every year for his birthday I make him one from a box mix. I decided to try it from scratch this year… and I’ll never go back! He said it is the best he has ever tasted! I’m not a fan of coconut, but I had a bite and it was pretty delicious! It was very moist, and the flavor was spot on! Thank you for posting this recipie!

  63. I love to bake. Hands-down, this is the best cake I’ve ever made! My husband also comes from a baking family and he loved it! And I made it in high altitude. It turned out moist and rich… definitely the highlight of my husband’s birthday celebration! I was also very grateful that both frosting proportions were generous for two 9 inch square vs round baking pans. Thank you for such a great recipe. PS. Since we were stuck in a snow storm, I had to substitute the evaporated milk with coconut milk and the vanilla with Kahlúa. I don’t think it took away from the recipe. And I have to say that it is a fairly easy cake to make. Well done!!!

  64. I would like to make this cake and a 10-in round cake pan or an 8x 8 cake pan how would I adjust the recipe and what temperature and time to bake

  65. 5 stars
    The German Chocolate cake is very rich and tasty. Everything came together great. Too me it was better than bakery bought, will make again.

  66. 2 stars
    I doubled the German chocolate frosting and didn’t use the chocolate frosting. Perhaps this is why the cake is lacking chocolate flavor. Won’t make again, I will search for a recipe with semi sweet chocolate in it like my mom used to make.

    1. I would highly suggest that you make the recipe as written and then review it again! The chocolate frosting is an important part of the recipe and how it was created to give the best flavor!

      1. Really hate when ppl change the recipe then rate it, Imagine, skipping the “chocolate” frosting and saying not enough chocolate flavor

  67. 5 stars
    This recipe makes a perfect German chocolate cake. The cake is moist. In the past, I’ve had German chocolate cake where the cake is really dry. This recipe is tasty. The coconut frosting is so delicious. This is definitely a keeper!

  68. 5 stars
    Super excellent cake and frostings! I made this for a coworker’s bday and WOW! I made 1 1/2 the recipe and spread evening between 5 8” pans – will make this again for sure!

  69. 5 stars
    Delicious! Made it for a co-worker’s bday and it was so good I had to make it again the next week for my husband’s grandma. You know it’s good when grandma approves!

  70. 5 stars
    This recipe was incredible!! My rookie self messed up on the pans and overfilled each of the cake pans so I had an oven disaster but it was worth it lol.
    The cake taste was incredible and moist. The chocolate frosting recipe is my new favorite. The coconut recipe was delicious too. All in all it’s my husband’s new favorite and it was requested for my son’s bday now haha. Thank you!

  71. This is my go to cake for birthdays and other family get togethers! It is easy and it has always turned out. I even enjoy making it into cupcakes.

  72. I made this cake for a family birthday and everyone thought it was a great cake. Loved that it was moist. I was disappointed that it didn’t match my notion of a mild chocolate German Chocolate cake. It was more like a devils food cake. I liked that it used cocoa, and I thought about reducing the quantity, but I was afraid to miss with a cake recipe on the day I needed it!

  73. 5 stars
    I’ve tried other recipes but this one wins! It’s now my go to for GCC. Easy to follow and everything works..thank you amylyn for grandmas secret which is now my secret!!

  74. 3 stars
    I do a lot of baking but have never tried a German Chocolate cake. The Coconut frosting was a 5 star recipe and 4 stars for the chocolate buttercream. I’d use those recipes again. I wasn’t a huge fan of the chocolate cake, the texture was nice but I didn’t love the flavor. 3.5/5 overall

  75. 5 stars
    This cake was so good! I love to bake from scratch and I was a little skeptical at how thin the batter was as it poured. I followed the directions exactly and it tasted great. Delicious frosting as well – my family loved it!

  76. I baked this cake yesterday and within 12 minutes it was bubbling over and out of the pans. Big disaster! I double checked the recipe to make sure I did not add more BP or soda that it called for.
    I thought maybe it was the type of Cocoa as it wasn’t my usual brand.
    I am trying again today and the pans are so close to bubbling over. Seems odd that you can watch it bubble. I have not seen batter do that before.
    At least I was prepared and put foil under the pans to catch overflow.
    I am at high altitude and made the recommend adjustment.

  77. Best German Chocolate cake ever! Just made my second one. I use a 9X13. And I only made the coconut frosting. So good!

  78. 5 stars
    We all know just how many search results claim a certain recipe is the “very best” well you can bet the farm on this one. Absolutely the best chocolate cake I’ve ever made, or had.This is the one your looking for. Made it several times and it’s now a part of my “most coveted recipes” collection, so grateful! I omitted the boiling water and used fresh boiling coffee, a trick of my grandmothers, and it’s perfection each and everytime! Thank you!

  79. 5 stars
    I made this cake exactly according to the recipe. I didn’t omit the baking soda or the cup of boiling water. I didn’t bake it at a lower temperature for twice as long. It didn’t boil over in my oven and it wasn’t “more like a brownie” as one reviewer stated.

    I baked it EXACTLY as written and it was the moistest, tastiest chocolate cake anyone in my family have ever eaten.

    My advice to reviewers: make it as written before you give an opinion. Otherwise, you’re just being silly.

  80. 5 stars
    I usually use the box cake mix and make homemade icing but figured since this is my husbands favorite cake I would give it a try. I didn’t have buttermilk and used the buttermilk recipe. This tops the list of the best cake we’ve had. Thanks so much for sharing!

  81. 5 stars
    I couldn’t sleep and decided to last minute make this cake. I didn’t have buttermilk, so I just added 1 tbs apple cider vinegar to a cup of half and half, letting it sit 15 min.

    I cut the sugar to 1.5 cups in the cake. (1/4 less than the recipe).

    I decided not to do the chocolate frosting and just made more of the coconut. I did cut the white sugar in the coconut frosting in half using only 1/4 cup.

    It turned out perfect! I don’t think all the sugar is necessary in the original recipe, but otherwise YUM!

    1. 5 stars
      I have made 3 layers in 6″ pans without increasing anything. Turned out great but I will note, it’s tall and heavy/wobbly so if you plan on transporting, I wouldn’t suggest using the 6″ pans. I am making this again tomorrow with 3, 9in pans for stability and will double the recipe. Any leftover batter will make great cupcakes. This truly is a delicious cake

    2. I made a gorgeous 6 inch 3 layer cake with this recipe. It looked great for about 30 mins then the weight of this super delicious super moist cake collapsed and squashed out the bottom layer. I cried and was “forced” to eat it myself. It is SO good though I remade it again as a sheet cake for a party. I personally do not think it needs the chocolate frosting. I used flaked almonds in the topping and it is yummy. I am here because I am making it again as cupcakes. Hope this helps someone.

  82. 4 stars
    This cake was good, but it’s not german chocolate. The taste is different, my husband’s favorite cake is German chocolate. Again, this chocolate cake is good. But if you want German chocolate you need a different recipe.

    1. 5 stars
      I’m of German heritage, my grandparents actually came to the U.S. from Germany and my Oma made real german chocolate cakes. I thought this recipe was great. You saw in the recipe that it didn’t call for sweet German chocolate so why bother leaving a comment about it not being authentic?

      1. 4 stars
        German chocolate cake is not german at alllll. The guy who created the chocolate had the last name of “German”. He was American. Why doesn’t anyone research anymore?! Your grandmother made an American cake.

  83. German Chocolate cake is my husband’s favorite. I tried your recipe and he said it was one of the best german chocolate cakes he’s ever had! The cake is moist, delicious and chocolatey. I’m keeping this receipt! Thank you!

  84. 5 stars
    This is the BEST cake ever! Your instructions and video were so helpful! This totally hooked me on being a follower of yours! I love so many of your dessert recipes. Yes, it does taste better from scratch. Thanks so much!

  85. 5 stars
    Wow easiest German Chocolate Cake recipe I have made. Thank you for postin really moist and flavorful. I will be making this again.I wish I had made more butter cream icing. Amazing thank you.

  86. 5 stars
    The coconut and pecan frosting taste incredible. I haven’t tasted the WHOLE cake just yet. The cake layers seem to be SUPER moist, unless I didn’t bake them long enough. I did put a toothpick in and it came out clean. It’s for Christmas Eve dinner at my daughters house. That’s why I haven’t dug in yet.

  87. 4 stars
    I appreciate all of the background info that this is a version of a German Chocolate cake. One tip to include might be to temper the eggs before adding to the frosting when cooking. I had to make an extra batch of frosting to cover my cake. I toasted the coconut snd pecans so it appears a bit dark. We’ll eat it tomorrow for my son’s birthday!

  88. I’d like to make this recipe for my Dad for a Christmas gift but would prefer to make them as cupcakes so he can freeze them and enjoy later too. How long would you recommend baking the cupcakes for and do I use the same temperature? How many cupcakes would this make?

  89. 4 stars
    I am baking it now. Easy instructions. As I look in the oven, though, I see that it is bubbling up over the 9” pans. Don’t know how it will turn out, but my oven is going to be a mess. Anyone encountered this???

  90. I just made this cake for my husband’s birthday. It came out so good! Beautiful cake and the whole cake was delicious, especially the filling. Thank you!

  91. 5 stars
    Despite having a 2 week old baby, I decided to bake my husband a birthday cake. He requested German Chocolate. I’m a regular baker but have never attempted this cake. I was terrified and exhausted, but pleasantly surprised by the easy-to-follow recipe. I made it and cleaned up in 1.5 hours. I might add some toasted pecans and coconut as well as some decorative piped icing tomorrow but it looks and tastes great!

  92. This is not authentic homemade German Chocolate cake. If you don’t use Germans sweet chocolate, you simply have a devils food cake with coconut pecan icing.

  93. 5 stars
    Such a rich dark chocolate cake with the perfect frosting. I didn’t do the chocolate icing just the traditional coconut frosting. The cake was so very good!! Not the taste of a traditional German Chocolate cake to me but this was the perfect cake for my occasion. I would double the recipe for the coconut frosting to frost the complete cake. I frosted the middle and top and my friends could not stop ooooing and awwwwing about the look. 10 out of 10 on this one. Wish we could post a picture.

  94. Hello. I’ve made this cake several times and everyone loves it BUT every time I’ve made it, it sinks in the middle. Can you please tell me what I’m doing wrong. I am experienced baker and not sure what my issue is. TIA

      1. 5 stars
        So delish, made this cake for my grandpas 70th birthday, he requested German chocolate cake, and I was like “oh no, I don’t have a recipe for this.” Thank goodness I came across this recipe

  95. 5 stars
    It was my 1st time making German Chocolate Cake from scratch and holy wow this recipe hit it out of the park! I read the comments beforehand and made a few tiny adjustments to assure my success 🙂 Every part of this cake turned out perfect in my experience after a little tweaking.
    I live at a high altitude as well, so I thought I’d share a few tips I did.
    -I added about 4 Tbsp extra flour to the batter
    -I used coffee instead of water in the cake batter: 100% recommend!
    -I used 2, 9 inch round pans and filled them only 2/3 full (honestly probably even less than that) to make sure they wouldn’t overflow like some people had happen to theirs
    -this gave me enough extra batter to make 18 cute mini cupcakes too! 😁
    -I cooled the cakes in their pans for around 20 min then flipped them over onto wax paper lined cooling racks and allowed them to cool completely
    -I refrigerated the cakes, wrapped in tin foil & placed in ziploc bags overnight
    -for the frosting, I did 1.5x the recipe to make sure I had enough for piping on top of the cake
    -for the frosting, I ended up using quite a bit more than 1/3 cup of evaporated milk and extra vanilla, to get it to the right consistency and so it didn’t just taste like cocoa powder (not faulting the recipe whatsoever, it totally could have been the type of cocoa I used)
    -for the coconut pecan frosting I followed the recipe exactly, stirring constantly for around 10ish min and it turned out great. It thickens a lot while cooling 😁
    -I assembled it according to the directions and it turned out great!
    Thanks for the awesome recipe!!!

  96. I made this cake for my coworkers birthday a few days ago. She loved it and so did another coworker, so much that he asked me to make one for his wife for her birthday in a few days, and said he would pay me for it! This was my 1st time making this cake and now I already have someone paying me to make one! Ya can’t beat that! I followed the instructions exactly and both turned out great!

  97. 5 stars
    My SIL requested a German Chocolate Cake for his birthday. I’ve never made one so I searched for what I hoped would be the perfect recipe. This is it!! It was spectacular. Both my husband and daughter who proclaim to hate pecans said it was amazing. I am making it again for thanksgiving.

  98. 5 stars
    My husband’s favorite cake is German chocolate. I usually make the boxed cake from the store. I decided to try this one, since it had so many great 5 star reviews. It was wonderful! My husband really loved it. This will be the cake that I will make for all his birthdays! Thanks!

  99. 5 stars
    This recipe produced the most delicious, perfect German Chocolate cake I’ve ever made. House guests that don’t usually like coconut and pecans were going back for seconds. I served it today in celebration of my husband’s 73rd birthday.

  100. 1 star
    Attempted to make this for my mother-in-law’s birthday. What a waste. The cake is WAY too moist, and I even used 2 cups of flour. Once I finally got it out of the pans, I started trying to ice it. The icing was WAY too runny, even with me adding an extra cup of powdered sugar. The cake was so fragile that it started MELTING when I added the chocolate frosting. The only thing that turned out right was the pecan/coconut frosting. It would almost be better to use a box cake with pre-made buttercream with chocolate powder added. It is a real shame because the little bits I tasted did taste good.

  101. 5 stars
    Absolutely delicious! I didn’t make the chocolate frosting–going for a more traditional, rustic version. The coffee instead of boiling water is a must. You will do be disappointed in this recipe!!

  102. 5 stars
    This cake is amazingly moist and super delicious! I made this cake for my auntie’s birthday and it was a HUGE hit!! Thanks for such a great recipe!

  103. 5 stars
    Absolute heaven!! Best german chocolate cake I have ever had! However, we did not use the chocolate frosting. It was unnecessary and the shine from the coconut frosting is so gorgeous. We used the ingredients at room temperature. Tastes like hot chocolate covered in a pecan caramel dream!!!
    Kudos for the insight and directions. Very clear and very easy to make, but tastes like a michelin chef made it!

  104. This cake was amazing! I made it twice according to directions and it was perfect both times! Now I’m making it again (a year later) into smash cake size since it’s just for my husband and me this time. So I’m going to cut the recipe in half and see what happens! Thanks again for this delicious recipe!

  105. 5 stars
    Fantastic!! Super moist. I substituted hot coffee for the boiling water and baked the rounds at 350 for about 28 mins. This is the best German chocolate cake I’ve ever eaten.

  106. 5 stars
    On my dads birthday I wanted a challenge, so I asked him what cake he wanted. I was thinking something on the line of a boxed cake so it wouldn’t be too difficult. But, he really wanted me to bake him a German chocolate cake. I was worried since this was my first time EVER baking a cake but I followed the recipe and it was the best cake I’ve ever had. 11/10 would recommend!

  107. 3 stars
    While this cake is good, it will not satisfy those looking for a true German Chocolate cake. There is not enough coconut pecan frosting to make it taste like a German Chocolate Cake.

  108. 5 stars
    My husband recently requested a German Chocolate cake for his birthday so I decided to give this recipe a try. It turned out absolutely perfect, and was a big hit with him and all of our guests. Thank you!

  109. 5 stars
    I thought I made a good chocolate cake. I was wrong. This blows away the competition. Toasting the pecans and coconut before adding to the coconut frosting puts it over the top. I also used unsweetened coconut and that worked great. Thanks for upping my game!

  110. Thank you for the recipe.

    I think this is the first layered cake I’ve made!

    It tasted good. I missed the part about cutting the parchment. I should have buttered the sides and had the parchment only on the bottom of the pans.

    I also had the layers bake on two different levels in the oven and never changed them or rotated. One of the layers collapsed in the middle, the other was perfect.

    One thing I found confusing, following the recipe on my phone, was that the ingredients call the first frosting – Coconut Frosting but the instructions call it Chocolate Frosting. The ingredients call the second frosting – Chocolate Frosting and the instructions call it
    Buttercream Frosting.

    Anyway. Cake was tasty – Thank you! I’ll make it again.

  111. It would help new bakers or people who are not familiar with the tempering process, if you put in your recipe, to bring the eggs to room temperature before making the coconut pecan frosting, or they will end up with a yolky scrambled mess that they will have to repeat again.

  112. 5 stars
    I only made the frostings. The buttercream turned out easy and delicious. When I made the coconut frosting I tempered the eggs once the rest of the warm ingredients got warm enough. It, too, was very good

  113. 5 stars
    Hi, Lauren! I am from Hamburg in Germany and I just learned from our evening quiz show that there is this cake in the USA. And you are rigth: it’s not a German speciality – the cake got it’s name from the chocolatier Samuel German. He invented in 1852 the sweet bake-chocolate, which is used in the recipe that in 1957 the Dallas Morning News published.
    I found either this information and the recipe very interesting. Maybe you like it too – so I send from far away friendly greetings to you and your family and friends! Goodbye, Erika

  114. 4 stars
    made this recipe 2 times, people love it! Some of the instructions were a little difficult reading the first time but other than that this is a good recipe.

  115. 3 stars
    Was hoping this to be delicious.. will see if salvageable… totally boiled out of my cake pans .. turned it down and hoping to cut off edges and it will be ok … thank goodness used a cookie sheet … should be for 3 layer cake … don’t make cakes for birthdays without making first lol

    1. This happened to me when I was in highschool. turns our I was using regular cocoa with sugar. When I changed and used the unsweetened cocoa, it worked great.

  116. 5 stars
    I made this cake for a family reunion. I have never made German chocolate cake before. I have a cousin that would now like me to make it for her wedding. I love this recipe.

  117. 5 stars
    I have made this recipe at least 7 times now so I figured it was about time I left a review. I follow it exactly and it always comes out perfect. I wouldn’t change a thing! My friends and family ask me to make it for our special events now 🙂 thank you for a wonderful recipe!

  118. Hello Laura, I made this cake for an Octoberfest celebration! German Chocolate Cake has always been my favorite, however in Texas where I come from we do not use the chocolate icing, so I did not this time, just the pecan/coconut. The cake was such a big hit, everyone loved it and I could not believe how easy it was. I did line my pans with wax paper.

    1. I was reading the recipe just now I’m NE and I never heard of Chocolate icing either so I’m going to do what u did thank you

  119. I hadn’t made a German Chocolate cake in probably 20 years and didn’t have the energy to hunt up the Bakers Chocolate recipe I had somewhere in all my moves. This sounded very much like one my husband bought at a bakery recently. We really enjoyed it as his birthday cake. Thanks!

  120. This receipe was amazing. I made this for my husband’s birthday and he loved it. This was so moist and just perfect, everyone enjoyed. Thank you for sharing this and I have completely fallen for this.

  121. 1 star
    Flavor was good, but the cake fell or boiled over every time. I tried it several times because I wanted to use it for a stacked cake. I finally turned my temp down to 325 and cooked it until my tooth pick was clean. About 40 min.

    1. 5 stars
      I was craving a piece of german chocolate cake so I thought I would try making one. This recipe is so delicious and easy. I cut the recipe in half and made 8×8 square cake.

    2. 5 stars
      You probably used the wrong cocoa powder. I used Dutch processed one time and had the same problem. Not all cocoa powders are the created equal for baking, frosting only is substatueable.

  122. Make this cake all the time! It’s one of my family’s favorites! Never fails just follow the recipe.

  123. 5 stars
    Amazing. This was so moist and just perfect. The only thing I did differently was use coffee instead of water. I also increased the amount of chocolate frosting as a few reviewers did but I definitely didn’t need to. I shouldn’t, but I’m going to have to make another on because it went so fast that I was lucky to get a slice. Thanks so much.

    Also, I saw a critical review saying it was more like a brownie and I almost looked for a different recipe. I’m SO glad I didn’t. Not at all like a brownie. This was truly decadent.

  124. I like German Chocolate cake. I will try this recipe. It is a good recipe and informative too especially frosting the cake. Thank you, Wendy Gray

    1. That should work great, but you may have a little more batter than you need (you could add any extra batter to cupcake mold for cupcakes).

  125. 5 stars
    I made this cake a few weeks ago. Everyone that I shared it with thought it was absolutely delicious. I did not make the chocolate frosting the first time ( lack of ingredients) but I am about to make the cake again tonight and I intend to do it this time. This cake can be a lot of work, but it is so worth it in the end. The coconut frosting is temperamental so you have to be patient.The first time I did it the eggs started to cook and leave little hard pieces in the frosting so I had to start over. It was a success the second time. The coconut frosting is fabulous. The chocolate cake is fabulous. I intend to use this chocolate cake recipe anytime I want chocolate cake. Not just for German chocolate. I had so many people comment on how moist and delicious the cake was so I am about to surprise my new boss with a congratulatory chocolate cake. I would recommend this recipe to anyone. Thank you so much for sharing with us!!!!

  126. 4 stars
    I made this cake for a dear friend’s birthday the other day to mixed results. I will start by saying the flavor of both the cake and the frostings were great and the cake was very moist which I have not found to be a given with my homemade cake making adventures. However, I ran in to trouble I think because I baked at altitude. My kitchen is at around 6200′ and although I did add the additional 3 tablespoons of flour, I still ran into some slight issues. While baking, the cakes bubbled over out of their 9″ pans onto the oven’s heating rod causing a smokey 30 minutes of baking. When I took them out, they had the dreaded dip/crater in the middle that I have become too familiar with over my years in the mountains. The flavor is amazing and I would use this recipe again at sea level, but in order for me to take a whack at it again at high altitude, I think I’d need to do more recipe tinkering than recommended.

    1. This is exactly what I was experiencing tonight. I live at 5400. I wonder if it is the altitude or me. Haha. I’ve baked hundreds of cakes but recently moved to the mountains.

  127. I used the recipe exactly and it came out amazing! I didn’t use the chocolate frosting since I’m a fan of the good old fashioned version. I am wondering though, how should you store it once assembled? Can it stay on the counter or should it go in the fridge because of the eggs?

  128. I’m wondering what kind of cocoa for this cake. Dutch or natural? This is my first time making a German chocolate cake. I keep reading different things. One recipe said it’s suppose to taste like chocolate and the other said there is not much chocolate flavor. Is it suppose to be a dark chocolate or light?

  129. 5 stars
    I just made this cake and followed the directions as written. It turned out perfectly. When looking for recipes and reading the comments it can be rather frustrating.

    If a recipe didn’t work for you then you did something incorrectly. Maybe try it again and you will realize what went wrong.

    Why is it people choose a recipe then comment about all the changes they made? Um, at that point it’s not this recipe 🤷🏼‍♀️

    Publish your own on your own page 😁

  130. 5 stars
    This cake turned out perfect and was a hit at the Octoberfest party I took it to. I made this as a small sheet cake and as cupcakes. Both turned out great. The cake was very moist and rich. The German frosting turned out buttery and not too sweet. This will be my go to chocolate cake recipe for sure. Follow the recipe people, you will not be disappointed!

  131. 1 star
    Worst cake recipe I have ever used. I am an avid baker, and bake everything from homemade bread to cookies, and layer cakes from scratch. I always receive numerous compliments on everything I bake. One of the most important things when baking is being accurate and precise with ingredients and measurements. I didn’t even include the cup of boiling water because there is already enough liquid in this cake. An unnecessary cup of water would guarantee that this cake will NEVER bake, or be the right consistency. As others have mentioned–their cake fell apart. I’m not surprised. They most likely followed this recipe to the letter. I knew on instinct it didn’t need the cup of water, and needed a little more than 1 3/4 cups of flour if this cake was ever going to bake into anything. Mine didn’t fall apart because I omitted the water and added 2 cups flour. This “cake recipe” produced brownies. So I guess what I baked was some sort of chocolate brownie coconut chocolate icing concoction.
    Looks pretty amateur, but it tastes good according to my 8 year old, who loves brownies!

    1. Hi Sally, I’m sorry this didn’t work for you, but something went wrong in your process. This recipe has more than 1000 five star reviews from people who have had success. Depending on where you live, yes, the cake may need additional flour to account for high altutde etc. That’s pretty standard in baking. Also, the cake portion is the same recipe used by Hersheys cake for decades. The hot water is a necessary component for texture and flavor (it allows the cocoa to bloom), and most chocolate cake recipes call for hot coffee or water for the same reason.

      1. It must take an abundance of self control to expose a cherished family recipe to scrutiny and find it bashed by someone who never followed the instructions to begin with. I don’t possess that quantity of patience or grace but apparently you do. In my humble opinion yours is stellar chocolate cake! Most sencerely grateful for you sharing!

    2. Wow! Maybe omitting the boiling water is where you first went wrong. Hard to believe an “avid” baker would be so rude to someone about baking. This cake is fantastic as written. Oh, and mine baked perfectly 🤷🏼‍♀️

    3. 5 stars
      You absolutely, 100% do need that extra cup of boiling water for this particular recipe. You may not need it in other cake recipes, but this one you do. There’s a reason there’s so many 5 star reviews on this cake and that’s because people followed the recipe exactly. Clearly the reason yours did not come out the way that you expected is because you did not follow the recipe and decided you knew better then the actual baker that created this recipe. Just because you’ve baked for a million years with excellent results doesn’t mean that you can change a tried and trued, successful recipe to fit your personal methods. That will never work. I barely bake because it’s a science, I cook instead so that I can experiment with recipes and I’m very good at it. Yet, cooking is not scientific and there isn’t very many recipes that call for the knowledge of chemical reactions when introduced to heat. That knowledge is imperative to baking. It does not matter how long someone has been baking or how many recipes they have made, a successful endeavor means following the authors recipe that they have perfected over hundreds of trial and error attempts. Your comment is so insulting to all the work that has been put into this and thinking that you know better than the person that has created the recipe is arrogant. Do better! This is my first time ever making a German chocolate cake and every single bit of it turned out perfect! I did not use round cake pans, I used rectangular and googled the difference to adjust my baking times. My cake top was round and robust and just for aesthetic purposes I actually decided to cut some of the top off. As someone who as I mentioned doesn’t bake often. This recipe was so easy to follow and turned out 100% perfect. This is my husband’s favorite cake that his mother who has since passed had made for every birthday and I had never attempted it because I didn’t want to mess it up and then have him try to tell me it was good when I thought it might not be. The hubs wholeheartedly says this cake was beyond great and absolutely fantastic! Kudos! 🤌🤌🤌

  132. 5 stars
    Confession, I have never made a cake from scratch in my life and I’m 55. I’ve made and decorated plenty of birthday cakes for my kids, but the cake was out of a box and frosting from a can. They’re all grown and in their 20s now and my son loves German Chocolate Cake so I thought ok I’m going to give this a try for his birthday, worst case scenario I bomb and say I tried. Well WOW!!! I did it! This recipe is THE best German Chocolate Cake. Better than my sisters and she is known for her cakes and pies! My son loved it! SUPER moist, so much flavor, and the directions were easy to follow. I was just beaming when he ate his second BIG slice lol. I will never do cake or frosting other than homemade again. I’m inspired to keep trying new things in the kitchen! Thank you!

  133. 5 stars
    This cake was fantastic! I’ve never been much of a German chocolate cake fan but WOW! My favorite part was the actual cake! It was so moist, even after sitting all day in the fridge, uncovered. Can’t believe how delicious it was despite being short on the cocoa powder and not having buttermilk. The recommended substitution worked perfectly! Would absolutely make again! Great recipe!

  134. 5 stars
    I made this cake for a birthday. It fell apart when I tried to get it out of the pan, so I threw the pieces in a bowl to make something with later. I remade the cake and it was so delicious! The coconut filling is perfect and the chocolate frosting perfectly complements everything. Now let’s get to the cake itself. Wow. What a delicious cake! It was so moiust and perfectly chocolately. It’s simply the best chocolate cake. What I had put in a bowl earlier, my brothers devoured within minutes. It has become my go to base chocolate cake! Highly reccommend this cake to anyone looking for a great recipe!

  135. 5 stars
    Amazing! Will be my go cake from now on. I did use a back magic cake but used the coconut filling from this recipe. YUM.

  136. 5 stars
    I made this cake with gluten free flour (Great Value brand), and it turned out great! I used two nine-inch pans, and I made the frosting and filling the day before I made the cake. For me, it was a very rich cake, so we could only have small slices. I’m not sure if this depends on the type of cocoa you use. (I used Equal Exchange cocoa for the frosting and Navitas Raw Cacao Powder for the cake). Because of the richness of the cake, I think I am going to double the recipe for the coconut frosting next time. I think this will cut some of the richness of the cake. I also might not use the frosting on the top of the bottom layer as the chocolate butter cream is pretty rich. I refrigerated the cake for a few hours before I frosted it, and it frosted beautifully. I used a much thinner amount of frosting than I typically do, and I had enough leftover for the piping. For the piping decoration, I would recommend thinning out the frosting with some leftover evaporated milk, so it will pipe more easily. This chocolate cake recipe is definitely a keeper for any time you need a chocolate cake!

  137. This was AMAZING!! I have never made a German Chocolate cake from scratch, and I was a little intimidated. But THIS recipe was so well written, easy to follow and perfect!! The end result was a super delicious and very beautiful cake that made my family happy! I’m making it again tomorrow to take to a family dinner. Thank you SO MUCH!!

  138. 5 stars
    5 Stars! Absolutely great recipe! Made for my husband and he said “do not lose this recipe!” Such a moist delicious cake!

  139. 4 stars
    Ok the frosting and the coconut pecan frosting turned out AWESOME however, I think 3 pans would be better, My cake fell in the over and now I have the ugliest cake ever but dude it taste good. I am not sure why it fell in the over but maybe if I used 3 pans it wont. I had cake dripping all over the bottom of the oven 🙁

  140. 5 stars
    I made this cake yesterday, for my husband’s birthday. It was absolutely delicious. The cake was moist and chocolatey. Love the chocolate frosting and think I’ll use it for other cakes and cupcakes. Definitely a keeper and will make it again.

  141. 5 stars
    I made this cake for my mom for her birthday and she LOVED it! she ate 3 slices. This is the best german chocolate cake I’ve ever had. This recipe is a keeper for sure 🙂

  142. Could dates and chocolate chips be added to recipe? If so would you lower the amount of sugars? My fiancés Mom used to make a German Chocolate cake for him every birthday and she would add dates and chocolate chips. I was hoping to try to make one for him. Any advice or input is greatly appreciated!

  143. 5 stars
    Made this for FIL’s 65 birthday. Everybody loved it! It’s a perfect recipe! I had to make more chocolate frosting though.

  144. Absolutely delicious! I did make a little extra choc icing but it was perfect! Very rich but German choc cake is a wonderful rich cake and should be expected.

  145. We made this for my father in law’s birthday and everyone said we should open a bakery. It was the first cake I’ve ever made from scratch! Thank you! We made it in 2 9 inch pans and everything was perfect. Next time I know to put a little more frosting in the middle layer, but everything was great!

  146. I made all of our co-workers birthday cakes each year. This year “John” requested a German Chocolate Cake. I’d never made one before.

    I tried a different recipe to begin with and it did not work out. At the last minute, I tried this one. It did take longer to bake (I need to check my oven temperature) because of that, I was worried it would be dry. It was not, in fact it is amazing! So glad I found this site, Thank you!

    1. 5 stars
      Followed the recipe to a T and all of our friends loved it! The actual cake was PERFECT- so rich, chocolatey, and moist. The one negative thing is my partner (who loves German Chocolate Cake) said the chocolate buttercream frosting tasted store-bought, rather than fresh and rich. I’m wondering if it was the cocoa we used (Hershey’s)? I would give it 4.5 stars for that but not sure if it’s my fault for buying low-quality ingredients, so 5 stars is my final vote!

  147. 3 stars
    Not nearly enough frosting for either kind. I had just enough evaporated milk so couldn’t make more… it’s a fine cake but needs some adjustments. I used 9” tins and would have been better to come out at 20 mins

  148. 5 stars
    I made this today for my husband’s birthday. OMG he loves it. I’ve never made German chocolate from scratch and wanted to do something special. It is delicious, decadent, rich, all things yummy.

  149. This is hands down my new favorite German chocolate cake recipe AND chocolate frosting recipe. I made it for my moms birthday and although she isn’t a fan of the chocolate frosting on her German chocolate, she still loved it! I’ll be using this recipe to make a killer chocolate cake as well as making my mom her German chocolate with just the coconut frosting.

  150. I would recommend using 3 pans. I used 2 nine inch pans and the cake batter ran over the sides and burned on the oven floor. I haven’t tried to get the cakes out of the pan yet, but the frostings taste delicious!

  151. 5 stars
    Hi Lauren!

    I made this German Chocolate Cake today for my husband’s birthday, and it turned out divine! Sometimes, when we are watching a movie at night, he stops the movie, and asks me, “Is the German Chocolate Cake out of the oven yet?” when there is nothing in the oven. lol hahaha I always tell him that one day, I am going to surprise him with the cake. That day was today! I Googled the recipe, and yours was one that came up. I didn’t think twice because I know your recipes. I have make many of them already. So, I got all the ingredients yesterday and made it today. The cake dough was just perfect, very moist. The filling perfect as well as the frosting. Thank you so much for another amazing recipe!!!!!! I love your recipes! Thank you, thank you!

  152. 5 stars
    Made this cake and it turned out perfect. I made the cakes the day before and plastic wrapped them, put them in fridge so they’d be firmer before adding frosting. Also, i was kind of worried because when cakes came out of oven the middle looked a little lower/moister than the sides, but toothpick came out clean. Despite me worrying, it wasn’t noticeable once frosting the top and sides and it was perfect and moist. Will be making again if I ever need a German chocolate cake again. Thank you.

  153. I don’t know what went wrong but my cake fell apart. It was very tasty cake. I was able to taste it before it cooled because both layers fell apart. I haven’t frosted them yet because I’ll try to get them in the freezer.

  154. This recipe is AH-mazing!!! I’ve been making it for years and my husband asks for it for his birthday ever since I started making it. When I say it’s a favorite with everyone that has tried it I really mean it!

  155. 5 stars
    I froze the layers as recommended and it really does make it easy to frost. It’s a moist and delicious and was a big hit.

  156. 1 star
    The cake fell apart it was hard to frost the eggs started cooking in the coconut mixture won’t be trying this again

    1. 1 star
      Worst recipe ever!!! Only good thing was pecan frosting. Cake fell apart. I basically used my hands to push it together in fridge to cool it to frost this mess.
      My eggs yolks were beaten but I had to strain the bits that basically cooked when stirring. I bake alot but this I will not mk again!

  157. 5 stars
    I’ve been making this recipe for years now, it’s a family favorite. It’s become a tradition to have it on three different occasions every year. The only adjustment I make is to double the German chocolate frosting because my family is obsessed with it.

  158. Turned out great! Easy to follow directions. I toasted my nuts. Plenty of frosting to cake ratio for me! Cake was super moist. I froze the layers to make decorating easier. Thank you!!

  159. 5 stars
    I’ve made this several times and it always tastes great! However, I can’t get the German chocolate icing to thicken up. It’s always kind of runny. So my cakes taste wonderful, but look like a sloppy mess. Any suggestions?

    1. Do you mean the coconut frosting? When you add the eggs, be sure to cook it until it has thickened, before removing it from heat.

  160. 5 stars
    the best german chocolate cake I’ve ever had. everyone loved it, I was sad to see it go. will definetly be making this one again!

  161. 5 stars
    A++. Instructions and video made this recipe super easy to follow. Made this cake for my daughters birthday. Everyone said it was the best chocolate cake they ever had. The cake itself was super moist. It was easier to frost frozen. I did not toast the pecans or coconut but it was still super delicious.

  162. 5 stars
    I love German Choc. cakes but always felt the cake itself isn’t that great. Well, heads up, this cake itself is divine. I didn’t make choc.. frosting as I dbl. recipe on coconut//pecan frosting. I always roast the pecans and toast the coconut. Deepens the flavor.

  163. Like the author of this A+ recipe, I’ve made a LOT of GCC’s. Here are my 2 cents: 1) I roast the pecans on a cookie sheet or on the stove to deepen their flavor. Careful not to burn them-it happens fast!; 2) I like a dash of salt in the coconut pecan frosting (1/8 tsp); 3) I heat the coconut pecan frosting in a double boiler until very hot then switch to a burner to get it boiling and thickened. Most of the thickening happens as it cools, so don’t worry if it’s thin; 4) I like unsweetened coconut (flakes and strips) and I use 2-3x the amount of coconut and pecans the recipe calls for so it’s really chunky; 5) leave the cakes alone in the oven until they start smelling ready – maybe longer than 35 minutes. Resist the urge to open the oven or mess with the pans. They’ll set up just fine and won’t sink. Thanks, Lauren, for this terrific recipe!! Yum!

    1. I like your idea of roasting the pecans first. I’ll do that for my boss’s cake next week. It will be my sixth time making this cake, and each time, the coconut frosting looks wet and think – not as dry and textured as the beautiful photo.

      1. Try cooking it a little longer, before removing it from heat. That’s where it will thicken properly.

  164. 5 stars
    This recipe was fantastically written and really delicious. I am so grateful for all the extra notes. Very helpful. I made it for my mother for her Birthday and she loved it!

  165. Absolutely yummy…Except… When I took the cakes out of the oven they were nice and fluffy and rose beautifully…then for some reason during the cooling process the cake layers fell…… Became very heavy. I even made a second batch.. It fell too as it cooled. It that supposed to happen? I assembled the second set and it was delicious…. Just really heavy

  166. I made this cake for a friends grooms cake. It was delicious! The grooms cake went much faster than the wedding cake! I will definitely save this recipe!

    1. Hello did you double or triple the recipe?
      I’m concerned about trying the triple as I noticed all ingredients are truly tripled except the flour seems a bit more than tripled. Any suggestions?

  167. 5 stars
    Made this for the first time for my mother-in-law’s birthday and it was amazing!! Even our uncle who “doesn’t like chocolate” ate a second slice 😂 I used Hershey’s special dark chocolate cocoa powder and I am soooo happy I did! Thanks for sharing the recipe! It’s my new go to!

  168. This is the most amazing cake!!
    My daughter wants to make cupcakes with this recipe … do you recommend a baking time?

  169. 5 stars
    This recipe is my first attempt at baking from scratch. Well except for that one cake in my Home Economics class in 8th grade. 😂
    I found this recipe simple to follow. I liked how the ingredients are listed in the order to prepare. Wicked smart. My German Chocolate Frosting didn’t thicken up. Could that be caused by omitting the pecans? (My husband prefers no nuts) Everything else baked and cooked perfectly. I was told the house smelled really good in the process.
    Lauren thank you for sharing your passion and talents. I look forward to learning more.

    1. Absolutely omitting the nuts will cause the frosting to be thin!! That is the one thing, for sure, that will give it some “carmelization” for lack of a better word at the moment, coupled with the sugars, it is like sticking your finger in a hole to stop water flow. Without the Pecans though, it is like having all kinds of cracks around your finger, water is going to still flow through all those cracks!! LOL wasn’t sure how else to explain it…

  170. BEST cake ever. You will not be disappointed!!!!
    I’ve made it multiple times and it turns out fabulous each time – just follow the directions! Everyone in our family LOVES it!

  171. 1 star
    Its my husbands 48th Birthday and its a bomb. I followed it to the letter and its so dense and gluey. I looked up what could have gone wrong and it looks like its too much liquid. I need to stick to the cakes with butter and no boiling water. Or maybe 1/4 cup of boiling water instead of a cup. Look in his eyes is heartbreaking. He never gets anything for himself. I can’t get him anything because I am sick and have chronic issues. I don’t have money to buy him anything and he doesn’t want me to “waste” money on a present for him. He just wants German Chocolate cake. Me baking him his favorite cake for his birthday is supposed to make him forget all the stress and issues we go through, if omly for a few moments. He was happy that I tried but the dissapointment in his eyes is breaking my heart. Not to mention I spent over 70 dollars to get the best ingredients.
    I read everything so It wouldn’t go dense or dry. I watched it like a hawk. The end result is too much liquid. The recipie says it’s supposed to be thin. It’s too thin.
    He deserved better. I am in tears thinking of how I ruined the one thing I can do for his birthday.
    I still don’t have a “go to” German Chocolate recipie. I don’t know where to find it. If someone has any information I’ll take it. I don’t have the money to make another one though. Just so I don’t mess up next year.😪

    1. So sorry it didn’t turn out for you. Baked goods can be fickle and with all the positive reviews it’s hard to say for sure what went wrong for you. I’ve made this cake myself over a dozen times and it always comes out perfect. I hope your husband had a good day and I really hope you give the cake another try!

    2. 5 stars
      DI, quite apparently the recipe author excels not only at baking but also restraint. The subheading under which I ; unforced and using my own free will, share this reads ‘Comments’. To date I’ve been unsuccessful in locating an unpaid blog or site offering any member of the general public both 1) access to knowledge or information that,prior to the internet, required payment in order to obtain and 2) a designated area requesting or inviting said member(s) of the public the opportunity to share lengthy guilt trips and/or otherwise unproductive and unrelated statements of personal thoughts or opinions such as this one of which I take full responsibility for.

    3. 5 stars
      I’m so sorry it didn’t turn out correctly for you. This recipe knocked it out of the park for me. Perhaps if you go back and carefully read recipe again you may see what went wrong.
      Please don’t be so hard on yourself. If you live at a higher altitude there are some changes you have to make.

    4. Are you kidding? I haven’t made this recipe, but from the looks of it, it looks pretty solid. Reading your review, does not distract from the cake. It makes you pathetic. Of all things in life, you are whining and boo hooing over a cake. Poor you. Keep your victim mentality to yourself, no one cares.

  172. 4 stars
    Definitely a winner. I make this as outlined. With the butter cream it was too sweet. The chocolate cake sunk on me, but was delicious.
    I tried another recipe but am coming back to this coconut pecan frosting of this one.
    This time around I made a chocolate cake in a 1/2 sheet pan and adding this topping. It’s going to be delicious! Definitely better on the colder side.

  173. 5 stars
    Thank you for this easy to follow & delicious recipe. I’m not much of a baker or cake maker, but this came out perfect. Did add the extra flour as noted, as we are at 7000′ elevation. Wish I could post a photo because it came out nice. Everyone loved it.

  174. 5 stars
    Sooo delicious! And it’s super easy to make! You need this recipe! It is hands down the best German chocolate cake I’ve ever eaten.

  175. I have made this cake for many many years. It’s very popular and folks really enjoy it.
    Takes a while to get it made from start to finish but well worth it!!!

  176. 5 stars
    This recipe is AMAZING. Everybody gives me rave review. This cake recipe is the ONLY chocolate cake recipe and the chocolate buttercream frosting. I have never melted the butter though and make a 1 1/2 batch or I couldn’t decorate it. I prefer the coconut and pecan frosting to be made the night before as I bake the cake.
    I make this recipe as a 9×13, regular and mini cupcakes. You won’t have leftovers. The best!!

  177. 5 stars
    This recipe is SOOOOOOOO DELICIOUS! It’s my newest favorite chocolate cake recipe and more simple then it might seem.

    Make sure to cool the frostings before you put them on the cake 🙂 I pulled a rookie move and put them on at room temp and the frosting slowly dripped off the cake… after sticking the whole thing in the fridge for a little everything was saved though- and SO YUM!

  178. 3 stars
    I would describe this cake as being a rich chocolate cake with german chocolate cake frosting. Other than the coconut/pecan frosting, does not taste like any german chocolate cake I’ve ever eaten. I followed the recipe and instructions exactly and didn’t have any of the issues others have described with batter/frosting being either too much or too little or being the wrong consistency.

  179. 3 stars
    Proportions for the chocolate frosting are way off. As listed, you’ll get dry kibble. I added an add’l 1/4 c melted butter, then milk using a stand mixer until I had something that could be spread.

    1. Maybe you forgot the evaporated milk? I dumped all my milk in and had to add more than 3 cups of sugar to get spreading consistency. But that was me misreading the recipe 🙂

  180. 5 stars
    This is the very first cake I’ve ever made from scratch! It was for my husband’s birthday and I was nervous about messing it up but it turned out beautifully and is sooooooo good!! Thank you for the easy to follow and detailed directions. This is a new family fave and I’ll be making it again!

  181. Excellent cake…very moist and delicious! I usually make it in a 9×13 baking pan… I use a baker’s icing made with granulated sugar and add shredded coconut to the top. Family favorite!

    1. Just omit them. Honestly, I have to leave them out too and I don’t feel like it’s missing a thing. Wonderful cake.

  182. 4 stars
    Everything tastes great! One slight issue I ran into was my eggs cooking slightly when making the coconut frosting. Wasn’t a super big deal and I love how it turned out.

      1. Whenever you are cooking eggs in a recipe like this, thoroughly mix the eggs and liquid and then slowly bring up the temp whole stirring. This will keep the eggs from cooking separately.

  183. We are Vegan and I want to make this for my husbands birthday.
    I know I can sub flax seed for the eggs in the cake batter.

    For the coconut/pecan frosting it calls for 3 egg yolks. Can I use soy lecithin in place of egg yolks? If so, can you tell me the measurement to use?
    I convert a lot of desserts to vegan; but not sure when it calls for just egg yolks.
    Thank you!
    Thank you!

  184. I am baking this German Cake as we speak for the son’s birthday. I am waiting for the layers to cool so that I can ice the cake. So far it looks and smells great! Thank you for the recipe.

  185. I baked mine in 2 – 9″ pans. They overflowed and so much of the batter was on the bottom and racks of the oven. 🙁

    I have no idea what I may have done wrong. I’ve never had this happen before and I’ve made cakes from scratch.

    Couple of things – I did use an electric mixer to combine the dry and the wet. Is that an issue?

    I didn’t have buttermilk, but I had powdered buttermilk. The recipe calls for one cup, so I followed the directions on the buttermilk container and used 3 tablespoons per 1 cup of water. I combined the dry buttermilk powder with the other dry ingredients.

    Took WAY longer than 25-35 minutes at 375.. At 27 minutes, the edges were slightly done, and most of the middle was still liquid. I had to bake it another 30 minutes.

    I double checked the rest of the ingredients, and they were measured as per the recipe. My eggs were at room temp.

    Help? I’d really love this cake to come out right!

    1. Im thinking you should have actually made the buttermilk with the powder & water, and then measured the completely made buttermilk according to what the recipe calls for. Also when mixing put the freshly made buttermilk in with the liquids.
      As for the timing, Im not sure. I baked mine for 25 mins and it was still wet inside. I put it back in for 5 mins and it was almost overbaked. I bet it had everything to do with not using liquid butermilk.

  186. Not sure if someone has asked already.. but for the chocolate frosting is it salted or unsalted butter or it doesn’t matter?…

  187. 5 stars
    This cake was so moist and the chocolate flavor was amazing. The only thing was the coconut pecan frosting need to double the batch but also yummy

  188. I made this German Chocolate cake for my husband it’s his favorite. I used all fresh ingredients and followed the recipe exactly how it was written. It takes a while but it is worth the time. My husband has raved to everyone about how great this cake was and he refused to share even one piece. Thumbs up for this wonderful cake. 👍

    1. lol?

      German Chocolate cake is a layered cake with pecan-coconut frosting. Obviously, any cake made in Germany could be referred as German, but obviously this is a recipe for people NOT in Germany. Why do I know this? The website is in English. So I think referring to it as German Chocolate Cake is being used to narrowly define something.

      With that said, what is German Chocolate Cake?

      A layered chocolate cake with pecan-coconut frosting. That’s it.

      This recipe hits all of those checkboxes.

      So I’m sorry to tell you , but this is most definitely a German Chocolate Cake.

      1. Just an FYI for anyone reading the comments (not a slam to yours)

        -German chocolate cake is made of sweet chocolate, while regular chocolate cake contains unsweetened chocolate.

        -Regular chocolate cake contains one or two fewer eggs than German chocolate cake. That is why the latter’s texture is fluffier than the texture of the former.

        -German chocolate cake is made of cake flour which contributes to the cake’s fluffiness. Regular cake uses all-purpose flour.

        Hope this helps 🙂

    2. Heidi, I believe you are referring to a chocolate cake which was developed by a Baker whose last name was “German” working for the company Bakers Chocolate, which was introducing a new product, “Bakers Sweet Chocolate”. The confusion started when the company published Mr. German’s recipe which had a coconut pecan frosting on their packaging, calling it “German’s Sweet Chocolate Cake”! Germany, the Country, had nothing to do with the name. Soon the apostrophe (‘s) and the word Sweet were dropped, but the frosting remained. Basically, the cake is usually a lighter redish brown, the color is a reaction of the chocolate or cocoa, the buttermilk and the baking soda combining and producing a chemical reaction. Think about the red velvet cake. Yumm

  189. I’ve been looking for a new German chocolate cake recipe for Easter and this looks perfect! If I make and assemble the cake the night before, does it need to be refrigerated overnight or can it be left at room temperature (in an enclosed cake carrier)?

  190. 5 stars
    I have made this cake 2x and did not change a thing! Everyone loved it…. individuals can’t believe I am a new baker. Thank you for sharing.

  191. Will the coconut frosting thicken as it cools? I a afraid I may not have cooked it long enough before adding the coconut and pecans.

      1. Can you substitute anything for the buttermilk? Just curious because I don’t have any and wanted to make this now, but if it’ll make or break it I’ll hold off. Lol thanks

        1. You can! Use 1 Tablespoon of lemon juice (or white vinegar) to a 1 cup measuring cup and fill it with milk the rest of the way. Buttermilk is acidic, so you must have some kind of acid added to your milk in order to make the leavening (baking powder and soda) rise correctly.

        2. You can also make buttermilk substitute with one cup milk to three tablespoons lemon juice or white vinegar, stir and let sit for a few minutes until it thickens.

  192. This cake was amazing! My cake did not turn out as pretty as your picture but it was delicious. I think I will use the recipe for the chocolate cake any time I bake a cake. It was so moist. The frostings were easy and delicious. Perfect cake for a chocolate lover. My son works in a bakery and said this cake was so much better than the ones he makes.

  193. Hello, can you please confirm the flour measurement for the cake batter? It has 1-3/4 cups all-purpose flour. Is that 1 cup + 3/4 cups?

  194. 5 stars
    WOW! The best chocolate/German choc cake. My entire family even my two little children LOVED this cake. I followed everything exactly and it was perfection. Putting this in my recipe box!! Thank you and keep posting new ones!!

  195. 5 stars
    I am a home baker and try different recipes. This is one of the best chocolate cake recipes ever. It is moist and light. Both icing and topping are perfect. The best part is it’s easy if you follow the instructions. I didn’t change anything and it came out perfect. Everyone said it is the best cake they’ve had.

  196. 5 stars
    My first cake from scratch and it was a big hit! Better than a mix, better than store bought and it’s not that difficult! I did get ahead of myself and ruin my first attempt at the coconut frosting (chunks of cooked yolk) but the second try was right on.

  197. 5 stars
    Seriously amazing cake! I added extra coconut but aside from that I didn’t change a thing. Cake is so moist. I will use that cake recipe going forward for sure.

  198. 5 stars
    I love this recipe and make it about every other month. The only thing I change is I substitute the pecans for steel cut oats because my son is allergic to nuts. The oats have a nutty flavor and a crunch so you can’t tell much of a difference.

  199. 5 stars
    What a great cake recipe. Follow it to the tee and nothing will go wrong. I did three 8 inch cake pans. Cooked them for 25 minutes. Do not flour the pans only grease them And put in the parchment paper. I made it for my daughter‘s birthday and everyone raved that it was the best German chocolate cake they had ever had.

  200. 5 stars
    OMG I have experienced German chocolate cake Nirvana the emporic feeling of tantalizing my taste 😋 buds.. just one bite with the most amazing German chocolate cake that I have ever had. This recipe produced by far the best and will be the only, recipe I will follow for birthday German chocolate cake.
    This cake was made by my bestest friend for my birthday 🥰

  201. 5 stars
    This is the perfect German Chocolate Cake recipe! Do not change or add anything. Make it exactly as instructed, it’s spot on every time.

  202. 4 stars
    My cake turned out delicious. I doubled the coconut pecan frosting since I wanted to cover the whole cake in it. For some reason my frosting separated after cooking and the butter seeped out and frosting was dry and gritty. I wish there was more instruction as to how long to cook or how thick the frosting should get while cooking. Overall, it was still really good, just wish I got the right texture in the frosting.

    1. The frosting will do that if the eggs are not room temperature and also make sure you stir all of the ingredients BEFORE you turn on the heat for the German frosting. I learned the hard way. Take two came out perfect lol

  203. 5 stars
    This looks amazing but I cant see anywhere to convert this recipe into Metric – can you help?
    Really want to try this!

  204. 5 stars
    First time making this cake for my dads birthday, he said it was the best German chocolate cake he has ever had (and he’s had a lot!). It was amazing!!

  205. 5 stars
    This was my first attempt at a homemade cake. It was a complete success! Looked and tasted amazing. I followed the recipe exactly as instructed.

  206. I had not baked a cake in about 20 years! This recipe is so easy to put together. I’ve now made it about 6 times with no fails and my family and friends love it every time. I highly recommend this and now I’m known for my delicious German Chocolate Cake!

  207. 5 stars
    Absolutely delicious! I made this recipe as large cupcakes for my son in law’s birthday. He loved them!!! SO delicious! The cake is moist and chocolatey!

    I will definitely be making this again.

  208. 5 stars
    This is an excellent cake recipe!
    I have made it at least a dozen times over the past year. It is so good.
    Thank you

  209. 5 stars
    My mother can no longer eat nuts (diverticulitis) and she had mentioned missing German chocolate cake. So for her birthday made your recipe but added more coconut and left the nuts out. It is delicious. I had some extra topping that I am going to heat up and serve over ice cream.


  210. 5 stars
    I don’t usually bake birthday cakes, but wanted to do something special for my fiancé. The excellent reviews persuaded me to try it out. Followed the recipe exactly as is. Froze the layers 2 days before frosting, which helped tremendously. The cake looked good (I don’t have all the fancy decorating tools) and tasted wonderful! Will definitely make again. Thank you!

  211. 5 stars
    Flat-out the best chocolate cake I’ve ever had. I am going to try reducing sugar on the next one – judiciously- because this is a lot of sugar. It doesn’t need the frostings at all – they actually make it super sweet and heavy. Alternatives: real whipped cream with vanilla; chocolate cream cheese; or a coffee whipped cream. I used Hershey’s Special Dark cocoa for the cake and that gave it a little extra something. Oil AND flour the pans, then wait 10 minutes instead of 5 before inverting. This is a moist cake and it sunk a bit into the cooling racks. Absolutely splendid flavor and texture.

  212. This cake is the best cake I have ever had! It’s funny how people leave comments about the cake not turning out right or not tasting good, obviously they made it wrong! If you follow this recipe exactly it’s going to be perfection!

  213. I’m confused as to what I did wrong with the coconut frosting. The consistency of the mixture in the pan looked right, but then when I added 1 full cup of pecans and 1 full cup of coconut, the ratio of wet to dry ingredients seemed way off, and it turned out super dry – like a praline crunch… it didn’t look anything like the picture. I re-read the recipe several times and I don’t think I made any mistakes… Any ideas what I did wrong?

    1. That sounds like you cooked the frosting too long before adding the pecans and coconut. So sorry that happened!

  214. 4 stars
    I want to start off by saying that the pecan topping is the bomb (soo good)! The cake and chocolate frosting both taste good, but I think it was too much chocolate frosting. The next time I make this, I would definitely use less chocolate frosting and more of the pecan topping. Overall, pretty easy to make and tasty.

  215. 5 stars
    Oh my, this was sooooo good! 🤤I made this for my brother’s birthday and it was a hit. I did tweak a couple of things- I used Hershey’s dark cocao powder in the cake (brother’s preference) and coffee instead of water. With the frosting I toasted the coconut flakes and the pecans. It really made the cake over the top, thank you!

  216. 2 stars
    Made the cake layers exactly as instructed and have moist cake strips around sides and yet the cake is cracking and runny in the middle. I’m not too hopefully at the moment. Very disappointing. By the way, I bake a lot and am good at it.

  217. 5 stars
    Wow, I’ve been baking for 35 years. This is one of the best cakes I’ve ever made. And I don’t even like German chocolate cake😆! Made it for work. And even the food critics were impressed! Try it. Just as written. It will not disappoint! Perfect balance between fluffy and ole timey dense texture. Rich chocolate flavor. Not too sweet. Buttery goodness in coconut mixture. Thanks so much for sharing. It’s going into my recipe notebook! Next for my father in laws bday!

  218. 2 stars
    something seems off and I think it’s too much baking soda or baking powder. I taste it. So sad. It was a lot of work

  219. 2 stars
    Followed the recipe to a T, had 2 8 inch pans and it was WAYYYY too much batter. You’d be better off with 3 pans if you’re trying with an 8 inch. Otherwise tastes alright. Really hotboxed my apartment though..

  220. I have an odd question. My husband wants German Chocolate cake for his 40th birthday. He doesn’t like flaked coconut, it’s a texture thing. What can I substitute the flaked coconut with?

    1. 3 stars
      Oh my, this cake has so much goodness in it. This cake was very moist and delicious. No, it’s not a dry cake at all. If your brother requests it twice, it’s gotta be the Best cake ever! Thank you for sharing!!

  221. I made this for my mother in law,
    For her birthday last year .She said it was the best shes ever ate .,so I’m making it again for here 91st birthday !🎂🎈
    Thank you for such detailed recipe,I’m a beginner baker,you made it so easy!! And freezing this cake makes it even mister. Anybody making this cake should freeze it before decorating, it makes a huge difference!! Thanks

    1. Ashley, it’s a moist cake so I would keep iit n the fridge or in an ice chest on a bed of ice. Otherwise, it could be at risk for mold. On the other hand, it’s so good that it’s likely to be eaten up quickly. I kept mine on the washing in a cold garage (about 42 degrees) for a couple of days and it was fine.

  222. 5 stars
    I made this for my brother’s 55th birthday and he was so amazed at its goodness.
    I was amazed of how stinking easy it was to make..I will definitely be making this on a regular basis.❤

  223. 5 stars
    Best German chocolate cake recipe I’ve ever used and only one I’ll ever use from now on. Thanks so much!!!

  224. 1 star
    Way too much batter. Huge mess in oven. Coconut pecan topping just tastes like evaporated milk. Waste of time and ingredients.

  225. I was just wondering this looks a lot like the chocolate cake recipe I use. Can I use coffe instead of the water for the cake or does that throw it off? Thank you!

    1. 5 stars
      Hubby’s favorite cake is German Chocolate, so for his birthday each year I’ll get a German Chocolate cake from a different bakery. This year I decided to bake it myself and used this recipe – he loved it and said I’m not allowed to get the bakery cakes anymore lol.

      Cake came out rich and moist and that coconut frosting is AMAZING!

      I appreciated the make-ahead tips – I made the cake layers the day before and it came out great!

  226. 5 stars
    Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe!! Made it today for hubby’s birthday! It’s his favorite. Rich and delicious and east to follow recipe!

  227. Made this cake for my father-in-law’s Christmas Birthday. Was a beautiful, delicious centerpiece of perfection! Thank you for an excellent keeper of a recipe!

  228. 5 stars
    Perfect German Chocolate cake!
    It was my first time making GCC from scratch and this was a home run! Best cake I’ve ever made.

  229. The cake and everything is delicious! I’ve made my coconut icing and it’s a little to thin and I want to thickin it up some. What would you add?

    1. A sunken cake is usually a sign that it is undercooked. Add a few minutes to cook time and check with a toothpick.

  230. 5 stars
    I’ve made this cake a couple of times and my family loves it. I keep the ingredients handy so that I’m prepared for when someone requests it. Not only is it good, it’s a pretty cake too.

  231. 5 stars
    Just made this cake for my husband for his birthday. Everything turned out just as it should and he said it was the best cake ever!! So impressed with this easy to follow recipe!

  232. 5 stars
    This is by far the most delicious cake I have ever made and I’ve made my share! I omitted the chocolate icing and continued with the Coconut pecan frosting….I would give this cake 10 ⭐️ stars….my forever favorite 💕

  233. 5 stars
    Best chocolate cake ever! So moist and delicious. Everything turned out perfectly. Very rich so some vanilla icecream or milk is a perfect pairing.

  234. 5 stars
    Best German chocolate cake EVER! I like how she used a chocolate cake instead of the traditional lighter chocolate cake. Way more flavorful and soooo moist. I also like the addition of the thin layer of frosting to finish off the sides. The coconut/pecan frosting was delicious. It got rave reviews from everyone, including my 82 year old Dad, whose birthday we were celebrating. Will definitely save this recipe as it is a “must do again”

  235. 5 stars
    This cake was so easy and a BIG hit at the birthday party I made it for. It was really the best German Chocolate Cake I’ve ever had. I actually had a woman offer to pay me to make it for her for Thanksgiving!

  236. GCC is my husband’s favorite cake, and I’ve never made it from scratch, ever. Found this recipe and decided that for his birthday this year I want to make this. Thanks so much for posting this recipe. Cake is in the oven now *crossing fingers I didn’t screw anything up* .. wish me luck! If it doesn’t work out, I’ll have to get a cake somewhere, but I’m really hoping I won’t have to. =)

    1. 5 stars
      Just to update- it was a success!! Husband loves the cake! We enjoyed it, it was moist and flavors for the frosting were perfect. Thank you very much for this recipe! I’m going to keep this recipe for whenever hubby requests for GCC

  237. 5 stars
    Hi. I finally made this cake, frosted it, and presented it to my dad and family for his 76th bday. They all loved it!! I cooked one layer a little over, but it was still great. Between finding this recipe, figuring out the shopping list, going to the store, standing by the ingredients wondering if I am going to be able to do this, to finally baking the 2-9″ layers, took me about 3 hours. LOL! I have one question, why the boiling water? I was worried it would scramble the eggs and really make the buttermilk curl up and die in an disgusting mess. Thank you very much!


  238. I was looking for a delicious German chocolate cake for my dad’s birthday and I found it! The cake had such a good texture and was so moist. The chocolate icing was delicious too. Will definitely make this cake again.

  239. 5 stars
    This was delicious! I thought the chocolate frosting and coconut filling would make it too sweet, but it was perfect! One of the best cakes we’ve ever had.

  240. 5 stars
    Amazing cake! My mom loves German chocolate cake, and I’ve always searched stores to find one. Well I decided to make one from scratch for her, and this recipe was the one I used. It was such a huge hit! Thank you so much for your detailed instructions and video!

  241. 5 stars
    This cake- particularly the frostings- came out WONDERFUL! And I’m not a big chocolate cake lover. Tip though: roast the pecans and coconut; use a little less powdered sugar in the chocolate frosting to taste the chocolate more- makes a big difference! Also, could the oil in the cake batter recipe be changed out for room temp butter?

  242. 5 stars
    Followed this recipe down to the “expert tips”. One of the best German chocolate cakes I’ve ever had. I love the dark deep color and flavor of the cake…it’s all absolutely delish! My picky 11 year old said she had a new favorite cake!

  243. 5 stars
    Hi I made this cake and it was amazing!!! I was wondering if I wanted to use the cake recipe to make cupcakes how long should I bake it? Thank you I’m advance

  244. This is absolutely the best cake ever! From the frostings to the cake, the best! I have made it several times and it will definitely be my go to cake for every special occasion. Thank you for sharing.

  245. 5 stars
    I just made this cake for my son’s birthday and it was excellent. The cake is so moist and rich, and I am addicted to the german chocolate frosting.

    1. 5 stars
      This cake turned out amazing. My husband requested I make it for the holiday and everyone raved about how amazing it was. Thank you for an amazing receipe!!

      1. If I am baking the cake today and frosting it tomorrow how would you recommend storing the two cake halves? I never know if they should go in the fridge or if that will dry them out.

        1. All that matters is that you wrap them really well! They can be at room temperature (I prefer to refrigerate them!)

        2. Hiii just finished baking it! If I ice them tomorrow, should I put the icing in the fridge along with the wrapped up cakes or leave the icing out?

          Thank you!
          Can’t wait to try it

          1. I’d refrigerate the icing, and it remove it from the fridge 1-2 hours before assembly to let it come to room temperature.

  246. 5 stars
    Delicious! I really enjoyed making this and everyone enjoyed the cake very much! Thank you so much for the fantastic recipe!

  247. 5 stars
    I made this today for my sons birthday. I got rave reviews from family and friends. Thank you for sharing this.

  248. 5 stars
    Wonderful recipe, I am curious who has the kind of willpower to keep this frosting in the fridge for 1-2 weeks. I have never met such a person and I have been making this kind of cake every year for my dad’s birthday for 30 years.

  249. This is the best cake EVER! I have made it several times and each and every time I get nothing but rave reviews! Everyone LOVES this cake saying it’s the best German chocolate cake they’ve ever had!

  250. 5 stars
    My husband asked for a German chocolate cake for his birthday this year. I had never made one before and tried this recipe. It is INCREDIBLE! Thank you very much for sharing! It’s definitely a keeper!

  251. 5 stars
    I made this recipe for my Father-in-law for his 79th birthday. It was superb! Honestly the best German Chocolate Cake I have ever had, everyone loved it.

  252. 5 stars
    My second cake I ever made from scratch. This recipe may be one of the best cakes I’ve ever eater. Mine looks nothing like ur work of art, but I’m more of a taste over presentation. I also cook my cakes on the crock pot too- takes like 2-3 hours but once you use the pot, u kinda get addicted to the taste- so moist. I used parchment paper, then cut off the edges to me look uniform then made little brownie cookies with both frosting, the perimeter tastes just like end cut of brownie- so good.

    This recipe is a keeper. 5 stars probably an under-estimate here.

  253. Yes! I tried this recipe last night. I used deep 9 inch round pans, so I tripled the original recipe. It came out perfect. It is a tall cake, too tall for my cake holder, but it will not be there long. Everyone loved it. Thank you for making it so easy to bake from scratch!

  254. 5 stars
    This was my first attempt at this cake. I substituted with Trader Joe’s GF all-purpose flour for our dietary needs, but did everything as instructed otherwise! It was moist and delicious! Thanks for this perfect recipe!

  255. 5 stars
    I made this cake for my stepdad’s birthday and he let us all have one piece, then he took all the rest home. He said it was an outstanding cake and all of us absolutely loved it. The best cake ever!!

  256. 5 stars
    I made this cake for my stepdad’s birthday and he let us all have one piece, then he took all the rest home. He said it was an outstanding cake and all of us absolutely loved it. The best cake ever!!

  257. 5 stars
    I made this for my boyfriends birthday party and everyone loved it. My bf doesn’t even like cake and now I am making another one because he was sad that he didn’t get another slice.

  258. 5 stars
    This cake was phenomenal. I made it gluten and dairy free by substituting a 1:1 gluten free flour and using canned coconut milk and vegan butter instead of buttermilk, evaporated milk, and butter. No one could tell it was GF or DF. YUM!!! Thank you!

    1. Just made your German chocolate cake for a family event tonight. I have made plenty of German Chocolate cakes but never used brown sugar in the frosting. What a great additional ingredient that made the cake and frosting superb. Thanks so much! Outstanding!

  259. 5 stars
    Oh my goodness! I made this for my husband’s birthday, and it was lip-smacking delicious! He absolutely loved it! The directions were spot on. The way you organized the list of ingredients and guided through the preparation was amazing! So well thought out and organized! I love to bake and this recipe is definitely a keeper! Instead of using cake pans, I used a 13×9(?) Pyrex dish, and baked it for about 35-40 minutes. I buttered the Pyrex dish, then buttered parchment paper lining the dish. Easy peasy. Thank you for this wonderful and delicious recipe! Can’t wait to pick out the next selection from your array of goodies. Yummy😋 ! Again, thank you!

  260. 5 stars
    Thank you Lauren for sharing your recipe “German Chocolate Cake” ..I just baked it today and the result? Is very amazing and very delicious..God bless you😊

  261. Ok today I’ve attempted to make this cake twice and both times my cake sunk in the middle? I’m not sure what is going on???

    1. There are many factors that could play a role but I would recommend adding a couple tablespoons more flour and be sure not to open the oven at all while cooking!

  262. 5 stars
    I have never really made cakes from scratch, 95 percent of time used cake mixes , however this past year I come across a homemade caramel cake and was looking for a special cake to make for my oldest Daughter for her 40th .And we all know homemade is beyond Special. So good old Mom that has many health issues and has to sit when cooking and baking gave it a shot. It was awesome! Took me about 4 to 6 hours to finish it but was well worth it! So when the newest granddaughters birthday came in July, I decided since she was expecting my first Great Grandchild she needed a special cake to! Her favorite is and yes it’s German chocolate cake,so on line I went to find the best ever German Chocolate Cake! Oh my Loved it more than the Carmel cake. This one took me about 4 hours, however I am very slow nodays. It was worth every minute of it! Just so rich and chocolately and oh the frosting yum yummy 😋. I only got a small piece of that one, so I am back for a second time ,to make and share with my family here at home!

  263. 4 stars
    Combine ingredients for German Chocolate frosting well before heating, otherwise you will have little clumps of cooked egg to fish out of the frosting.

  264. 5 stars
    Been going back to your recipe for years to make my dad this cake for his birthday every year. thank you so much! it’s become a tradition!

  265. 5 stars
    loved it! wished i had a better measurement of topping it ran over and down a bit but it was so decadent
    it didnt matter everyone loved it.

  266. If I double the recipe for the German chocolate frosting will it turn out right? I want enough to cover the whole cake, not just the top.

      1. If I want to make this cake on Christmas eve for Christmas day should I assemble it and put in the refrigerator or leave out in covered cake dish? Thanks so excited to try this receipe!

  267. 5 stars
    I would give this fantastically delicious, wonderfully coconutty, and sinfully moist, DECADENT cake 15 STARS if I could.

  268. I always hatted my mom and mother in laws German chocolate cake made with the bakers chocolate. It was very dry and not a good chocolate flavor to me. The frosting was the only thing I liked. This is similar to another chocolate cake I love which is very good!!

  269. 5 stars
    Just finished baking and it smells great. I may have mixed the coconut frosting wrong or something because it’s kind of watery still. The chocolate frosting come out great. I didn’t grease my pan enough so the cake stuck a small amount. Other than my own mistakes I believe I did great for my first time making anything from scratch. This recipe is amazing. Thank you for such an easy to read bake. As a beginner I was confused at the 1-3/4 flour since it’s the only measurement with a dash. I ended up asking someone and they said it’s just a typo to add it altogether.

  270. I’m making this recipe for my Son-in-Law’s Birthday! The cakes are baking now, and my entire house smells wonderful! Can’t wait to taste them!!

  271. This is not German’s chocolate cake. The chocolate was named from a baker, not the country. If you don’t use German’s chocolate from Bakers than its not right! No cocoa powder…

    1. I’m so glad someone else know’s how German Chocolate Cake got it’s name. I was just going to say the same thing until I saw your post. People need to research before they speak. Love it!

      1. 5 stars
        Recipes have been created, adapted, and evolved since we started passing them down. Every recipe is made differently for every person. No need to gatekeep German Chocolate Cake, ‘historically authentic’ is honestly irrelevant to being able to make and enjoy this or any recipe.

  272. 5 stars
    This was my 1st attempt at a German chocolate Cake . It’s my husbands favorite and I wanted it to be perfect . I tweaked the recipe (only slightly) to make it my own and it was a hit ! My reservation about trying this was bc of chocolate cakes reputation to have a tendency to be dry . This recipe did not disappoint !

  273. 5 stars
    Very moist, the family enjoyed it. Used grapeseed oil instead of vegetable oil. Also used lemon juice and milk to make the butter milk.

  274. 5 stars
    I finally made German Chocolate Cake from scratch, this recipe was amazing! Best my family and I have ever had.

  275. 5 stars
    SOOOO glad I found this recipe. The cake is so moist that it’s like a pudding cake. The two frostings make all the difference to me.

  276. 5 stars
    Excellent recipe. Everyone loved it. Mine didn’t turn out as beautiful as the picture but I will be making it again! Thank you!

  277. 5 stars
    I made this for my boyfriend and his family and they absolutely loved it. My boyfriend doesn’t like coconut but said this was the best cake I’ve made so far (the pecan frosting itself is so good he wasn’t overpowered by the coconut in it) They actually requested it again for this weekend! The only change I made was I used Hershey’s Chocolate Frosting recipe instead, because I didn’t like the flavor of the frosting with the evaporated milk, but that’s a personal preference.

  278. 5 stars
    Delicious chocolate cake with German Chocolate Frosting. I cut the recipe in half and put in two small round cakepans. I was able to give away one to a sick friend and the other was for my husbands birthday (just the two of us). Thanks for the recipe.

  279. 5 stars
    Perfect gift for my cousin’s birthday. Easy, great recipe explanations. Nothing left to chance.

  280. 2 stars
    Not a true German Chocolate cake. Family was disappointed. It was a dark chocolate cake with the pecan frosting. I didn’t bother to make the chocolate cream frosting which is also not traditional German chocolate cake.

  281. 5 stars
    This is my son favorite cake even at 48 years old. So We had a bbq and I surorised him with his favorite made from this recipe. Well everyone was blow away ! The cake was so tasty and moist and the frosting we both the best anyone said they had. I was surprise that it’s wasn’t that hard to make and taste devine over box and ready store icing.Thank you for making me super baker of the day and my son cake so special it came just like the picture. Oh I did bake in one 9″ cheesecake pan then half the cake into two layers. Should have taken a picture darn!

    1. 3 stars
      So, this tastes great. With all the positive reviews I assumed this would be a fairly straightforward recipe. But somehow, I ended up with cakes that were TOO moist and fell apart causing my cake to just be a puddle of cake bits. Again, tastes great, but I’m not sure why it all fell apart. I followed the recipe exactly.

      1. The same thing happened to mine 🙁
        I did a marvel themed cake so my red vanilla frosting covered the mess but I am so so sad that is fell apart with with chocolate icing.

  282. 5 stars
    I made this for my mom’s birthday and she says it is the best chocolate cake she’s ever had. 5 stars for the rave review! I’d love if weights were provided in the instructions. I converted the cup measurements to grams, which I think helped replicate what you made. The cake was moist and flavorful, with a tender crumb. Very yummy!!

  283. 5 stars
    This is my son favorite cake so I give everyone a real treat by making from scratch.The coconut pecan icing was excellant .Cake was moist and rich .The chocolate layer then coconut pecan on top was an excellant idea. Very one enjoyed.

  284. 5 stars
    I will never use anything but this recipe for chocolate cake ever again! Everyone loves this cake, including those that are not really cake fans. I’ve made this a few times and there is never even a crumb left. Making another one as I write this. Definitely a keeper! Thanks for the fantastic recipe.

  285. I made this cake and added chocolate chips to the cake portion and had everyone who ate it proclaim it the beat cake they had ever eaten. I am in compete agreement. This is what cake is supposed to be. Not sweet air bread with frosting like a box cake. Lol LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS CAKE!

  286. 5 stars
    Amazing cake !!! I’ll be using this recipe for for a chocolate cake with out the filling. I made a double recipe of the filling for a party next week to make German Chocolate sundaes !!!!!Thank you for this recipe !

  287. 5 stars
    I previously gave this cake 3 stars because I thought it was too dense and too sweet and the center didn’t rise. I ended up giving half of the cake to my sister and the other half to my Sister-in-law my brother and their grandkids. I have been informed by them all that the cake was moist and delicious! Evidently my opinion was not the majority. So if you love dark chocolate, dense, sweet German chocolate cake, this just might be for you.

  288. 5 stars
    This German chocolate cake recipe is a-maz-ing!
    The cake is so chocolatey and moist, the coconut caramel frosting is the perfect balance of coconut and pecan, and the chocolate frosting is one of the best I’ve ever had!
    Only thing I’ll do different next time is grease AND flour the cake pans. Also, I increased the powdered sugar to 3 1/4c. which made the frosting a just-right consistency.
    Thank you for sharing such a fantastic recipe!

  289. I made this for my anniversary and it was a hit!! I made it again for a friend and he said it was the best cake he ever had, better than his mother’s (and her ghost might haunt me for outdoing her cake).

  290. Delicious but super rich!! I did everything per the recipe, except I used dark cocoa and did not refrigerate or freeze overnight…everything else was per the directions … I think If i had refrigerated everything after making it it would’ve been better….I assembled after everything was cooled but it was still too warm. The cake was super moist and when I cut in, it was so soft that it didn’t hold up. And the chocolate frosting ran…maybe adding more sugar…I think it was too warm.
    I am certain it was my fault and not the recipe…next time I will refrigerate and freeze over night…the taste of German chocolate cake was amazing, but super rich!

  291. My Nephew requested German Chocolate cake for his Birthday April 27/21. I made it the day before. My nephew said it was the best tasting cake he ever had. Easy recipe to follow. Only one question, it called for evaporated milk so I use Carnation evaporated milk. Was this the correct evaporated milk to use??

  292. 5 stars
    Made this last week for my wife’s birthday. The whole family absolutely loved it – wouldn’t change a thing about it, thank you!

  293. 5 stars
    Super interesting process, I’ve never made a cake like this before. But if you follow the instructions, you’ll end up with delicious results. I’d definitely make this recipe again!

  294. 5 stars
    This recipe was AMAZING!!! My husband requested a German chocolate cake for his birthday and it was a hit!!! Thank you💕

  295. 5 stars
    So delicious! My daughter and I made this cake for my mom’s birthday (German chocolate is her favorite) and it was a showstopper! We followed the recipe exactly and it came out perfect. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  296. Does this cake need to be refrigerated, afterward, or is it okay to leave out in a covered container?

  297. 5 stars
    Wow! this recipe was right on. I made this cake exactly to the letter and the results was great. I did all of it on the day of my daughter’s birthday and she loved it. She also told me I needed to keep this recipe and “Dad don’t lose it”! So its a keeper thank you for sharing, Robert.

  298. 5 stars
    This cake was 10/10 with my family. My husband doesn’t like chocolate cake, but he couldn’t stop eating it. I’m making it again today for our family gathering.

  299. I was so disappointed. I followed the recipe step-by-step and at 35 minutes my 9 inch round cake pans came out with a middle completely caved in, not just a little, a lot. I probably will never try this particular recipe again because it was for a birthday cake for my friend. I don’t know what happened. Maybe it was just too watery or needed to cook longer. At 35 minutes when I opened the oven door the middle of both was completely caved in. Good luck to everyone else as they seem to be satisfied.

    1. These can all lead to middle sinking
      Incorrect oven temperature
      Under baking the cake
      Expired baking powder
      Too much baking powder or baking soda
      Incorrect measurement of ingredients
      Opening the oven door too early
      Closing the oven door too sharply
      Overbeating the batter in the last stage
      Mixing the ingredients in the wrong order
      Incorrect moisture levels
      Incorrect pan size
      Cooling the cake too quickly
      Batter sitting too long before baking

  300. 5 stars
    I’ve made this cake twice now and it’s come out perfect. It’s surprisingly even to make and I didn’t even use a hand mixer or stand mixer. I wouldn’t change a thing to the recipe. It’s perfect and delicious!

  301. Looks delish and plan to make! Should this be refrigerated? Wondering if I can make it tonight and enjoy tomorrow or if I should just frost in the AM. Would it need to be refrigerated after eating some bc of the buttermilk in icing?

  302. 5 stars
    I’ve made this twice already and it’s seriously the best chocolate cake I’ve had. The chocolate frosting is delicious and the German chocolate frosting is divine! The cake is perfectly moist with a soft yet sturdy texture. The first time I made it I split the batter into four 6inch pans and make two smaller cakes. I use the cake recipe for cupcakes (baked at 350 for 19 min) and they turned out perfect! I used vanilla butter cream to frost these.
    I’m not sure how the batter turned out so thick for others. It’s definitely a thin batter. Maybe the missed the boiling water? Or the water wasn’t hot enough? I didn’t run into this problem.

  303. 5 stars
    My husband wanted a German chocolate cake for his birthday (today!) and this recipe looked the most promising. I wanted to leave a comment to let you know that this cake is an absolute stunner! I made both icings two days ago so they would be ready to go, and baked the cake today. Can I just say how delicious the coconut icing is? My cake batter came out very thin, so I was grateful for the warning. The only change I made was to substitute a cup of coffee from my Bialetti for the boiling water, which is what I usually do with chocolate cakes (I see another person has commented similarly). This was my first German chocolate cake and I am so pleased with how this turned out. It’s a favorite recipe already. Thanks for sharing it!

  304. 5 stars
    This is almost a copy of my recipe, but I use a cup of coffee instead of the cup of boiling water (I do heat it to a high temperature in the microwave). The coffee enhances the chocolate in the cake, I bake this for our church dinners, and always have rave reviews from everyone.

  305. The recipe says the cake batter should be very thin- but mine was VERY thick. It actually reminded me of brownie batter . I am making this for my grandma‘s birthday and I really don’t wanna mess up did anybody else have this problem?

  306. 5 stars
    This is the best recipe that I have ever made . The cake is moist . The icing ratios are spot on . I doubled the icing recipe because I thought it would be like most recipes—not enough . I didn’t need to do that . The 5 star reviews are well earned ! Must make Recipe

  307. 5 stars
    I made this cake for my dad’s 61st Birthday. The recipe was easy to follow and my three older sisters and dad were psyched when I pulled it out. Nothing is quite like the validation of a 61-year-old man freaking out about his own birthday cake. When cooking really try and get it out before it drys, when it is cooked properly, the texture and flavor are awesome. The icings were great too(really slather on the chocolate one)!
    Highly recommend this recipe, Thanks for sharing!

  308. 5 stars
    This is the best German chocolate cake I’ve ever had. I will never buy one again. Thank you for this great recipe